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August 12, 2020

Paul George

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Clippers 124, Nuggets 111

THE MODERATOR: Questions for P.G.

Q. Does this locker room even talk about the 2 seed? If so, where is this team at in terms of the level you want to be moving into the Playoffs?

PAUL GEORGE: I mean, for us seeding doesn't necessarily mean anything. Most importantly we just want to play well. We want to start to get ready and get in Playoff mode.

Seeding don't really mean anything in this bubble. There's no home-court advantage. Again, for us it's just about the small things and building habits, gaining steam going into these Playoffs.

Q. Doc was talking about what great shape you and Kawhi are in now, how when you were on the hiatus you really worked out, got more fit. What has it felt like out there in the last couple weeks with Kawhi and you being this fit?

PAUL GEORGE: I mean, it feels great. I thought coming into this I did a great job preparing for the bubble. It's just so hard to simulate game shape and what that does. So that time off did knock me back a little bit.

At this point I feel great. My wind is not quite where I want it, but it's far better than where it was. I mean, with that being said, I feel really good. Kawhi has been feeling really good. I think just overall the staff is managing us going down the stretch.

Q. Have you been able to watch a lot of games, see this new season? Are you more confident about your title chances or less confident or it's unpredictable?

PAUL GEORGE: It's a lot of unknowns here. But I'm confident. I think our group is confident. There's nothing to be unconfident about. It's an even playing field.

I think for us, we like this moment. There's no distractions. There's no outside noise. We're locked in as a group. I like the environment we're in right here. This is a team that's geared for what's surrounding us.

Q. Some of the shooters in the league have said the dark background in the gyms have helped them, it's more of a shooter's gym. Has it helped you that way? As far as home-court advantage, no home-court advantage, is that beneficial to anyone?

PAUL GEORGE: To answer the first part, I think it is a shooter's gym. I feel great shooting in it. It just has a great feel hooping-wise. I think it's just a hooping gym. I think a lot of guys are really shooting it well from behind the three especially.

I'm not sure. I can't speak on other teams. I like this. Again, I like this environment. I think it's a dream just to lock in, play against a team, especially down these Playoff stretches where you just get these matchups and you can really lock in on a team.

Again, there's no distractions, no outside noise, there's no extra confidence people gaining from the fans. You got to show up and hoop, play ball. That's how I get down. I just want to hoop.

Q. Everyone knows this team was built with the purpose of making a deep Playoff run. Throughout this year how much do you and your teammates discuss about what is at stake for this group, the potential?

PAUL GEORGE: I mean, we know what's at stake. Not really sure how to answer that. We know what's at stake. We know what we here for. We're a team that's here and have the opportunity to win it. We're a team that's focusing on getting deep into the Playoffs. That's the only thing we talk about.


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