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August 1, 2020

Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Clippers 126, Pelicans 103

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Kawhi.

Q. What do you think was the key for this game today?

KAWHI LEONARD: Playing the Pelicans, they play hard. They run very well in transition. For us, we had to get back on defense tonight and talk. Transition defense was a big key for tonight.

After that, just pretty much trying to open the floor, execute on the offensive end. We made shots early that contributed to our defense from getting stops and getting up.

Q. I know every game takes on a life of its own, but did you feel like you needed to come out and play a little better considering the sloppiness that Doc alluded to last game?

KAWHI LEONARD: Yeah, I mean, every game we're going to try to keep getting better. We had three or four months off or so. The first games are always pretty ugly, especially in this circumstance with the way we got to prepare and get on the floor.

But I think just being consistent, able to get games under our belt.

Q. With P.G., it looks like he's being really aggressive in transition, pulling up, stepbacks. Is that something you are talking with him about, being more aggressive looking for his shot?

KAWHI LEONARD: No, I think he's just feeling healthy. You know what I mean? I think that break really helped him. He missed the first 20 games this regular season before the little hiatus. I think he's just healthy now. He's feeling good with that shoulder, being able to bump guys, do crossovers, be able to get his shot off.

We know he's our guy, he's one of the guys we need to go to to win these basketball games. He's been making shots, doing great at it.

Q. You set a career single-season high for assists during the game. Can you speak to your role as a facilitator with this squad, how you're enjoying that?

KAWHI LEONARD: Tonight we tied the record for assists? Is that what you're saying?

Q. You have your career high in assists for tonight, for a single season.

KAWHI LEONARD: Okay, okay. I didn't understand.

I got to be one of the guys that gets in the paint, passes the ball, you know, just really becoming that real true point guard. I have to step in that role a little bit more, bringing the ball up the floor, trying to get guys involved. That's what I got to do with this team.

But Pat's been doing a great job out there. Reggie has been stepping in, doing that role for us, as well. Just got to keep being aggressive, just keep trying to get guys open shots.

Q. You matched up against Zion tonight. What was your impression of him?

KAWHI LEONARD: I thought he played great. He's a very high-energy guy. He's playing to win. I'm not sure if he's on minute restriction or not. I didn't really get to see him that much.

I thought he played well. I like guys that approach the game aggressively, bring high energy.

Q. Doc reached the 11th all time on the coach's win list with 939 wins. You talked about one of the reasons you came here was Doc. What did it mean to you to be a part of that?

KAWHI LEONARD: It's amazing. It's only so many coaches that could get to that mark. I think he's top 15, top 11 now. I'm excited for him.

But he's a coach that's not really worried about that stat. He's trying to focus on the main goal, and that's winning a championship. Yeah, he really never talks about himself. It's a team thing. I respect him.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Kawhi.

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