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August 1, 2020

Paul George

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Clippers 126, Pelicans 103

THE MODERATOR: Questions for P.G.

Q. Every game sort of takes a life of its own. Doc alluded to some of the turnovers you had the last game, lack of execution. Did you feel like you had to come out with a better mindset this game?

PAUL GEORGE: Absolutely. Absolutely. We needed to play a lot better. We felt it. We sensed it. I thought tonight there was a huge emphasis on cutting the turnovers down, finding the open man, playing together, just having fun.

Q. How does it feel to play with a guy like Kawhi?

PAUL GEORGE: It's great. It's great to play with Kawhi. He does so many things on both sides. It makes the job that much easier for me. Hopefully it's vice versa. Hopefully I give him a huge lift as well.

But it's great sharing the floor with him.

Q. You had eight threes tonight. When all the guys have their three-pointers just dropping like that, what does that feel like out there? Do you look around and marvel?

PAUL GEORGE: It feels great. At that point it's find the open man. The team gets going like that, you want to share the ball because you want everybody to be a part of that.

I thought it was contagious tonight. One guy made a shot, next guy made a shot. The ball just started hopping around. We was finding the open man all night.

Q. We saw the whole bench get excited towards the end of the game when that franchise record got hit. How excited were you for Terance when he hit that shot?

PAUL GEORGE: Really excited. Really excited. It's funny, I told him at that moment, because I don't think they knew how close we were, I told T Man at that moment, 40 seconds on the clock, somebody got fouled and he came over to the bench. I told him, man, We need one three for the record. He ended up knocking it down. That's a good sign when a young player came through and delivered.

Q. You've made 14 of 22 threes in these two games. Describe what you're feeling right now. You told us your shoulder felt 100% after the layoff.

PAUL GEORGE: It's weird because I can't make nothing else. The threes are the only thing that are dropping. In a way, I'm in a rhythm, but I'm not in a rhythm because I can't find the ball in between the three-point line.

It's great that the long ball's falling. I'm going to stick with it, continue to keep shooting them. Hopefully I can find a rhythm throughout my whole game.

Q. During the regular season up until March you were about midway through the NBA ranks in terms of how many threes you would attempt. Ever since you've been in Orlando, it's almost like 50%. Is this a sign of the offense you think could be an offense that will stay with the team the rest of the year or is it the matchup?

PAUL GEORGE: We spread the floor. Then there's so many guys that shoot the ball well that there's just space. When you got guys that can attack and create naturally, you're going to come up with some open shots because we're getting in the paint, we're moving the ball.

Take a look at our guys, outside of our five, everyone else shoots threes at a high level. That's just the offense you're going to get. We're going to have nights like this where we're dialed in behind the three-point line because we have so many great three-point shooters.

Tonight was special with the way we shot it, no doubt.


PAUL GEORGE: Appreciate it.

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