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July 31, 2020

Bob Bradley

Press Conference

Orlando City 6, LAFC 5

Q. What didn't go well for you guys? What could you guys have done better to get the result and close this one out, four penalty kicks?

BOB BRADLEY: I think you could see from the start that physically, we weren't at our best tonight. So it's a lot of games in a short amount of time. We spoke at halftime to see if we could raise the level a little bit. We did. But it certainly wasn't our sharpest football night, either.

You know, Kenneth makes the save on Nani in regulation and then we score. We have a couple of advantages where if we are a little sharper, we can get the second goal, and then at the end, we just don't defend the corner well. We allow Joćo to get in there more towards the back post. We left a space and didn't attack the ball.

As I said, I believe our guys have handled this tournament well. I mean, we stepped on the field every game to try to take the initiative in the game and push things, and you could see that tonight, especially in the first half, it's rare for us to have a half where we don't even get a shot.

On that end, it was hard and I thought we could still get through and have a little bit of time to recover for the next match, but unfortunately a late goal and then we lose in penalties.

Q. Curious what you think Orlando did well tonight? Obviously it wasn't pretty, but I'm curious what you saw exactly in the way they handled the game.

BOB BRADLEY: A night like tonight, I'm really so focused on our team just trying to see if we can raise our level and get to the find of football that we are normally able to play.

So when we don't, then you still give the other team credit; that they make it hard. You know, they play certain balls forward towards Akindele. They have some ideas how to build out of the back. I think Pereyra is a good player.

Look, they are making progress as a team. But it's not easy for me to assess the other team on a night where I'm disappointed that we weren't able to be at our best. So it's not something that's easy to give a good answer to.

Q. Do you leave here with ideas of areas that you need to emphasize going forward, and what is your understanding of what comes next?

BOB BRADLEY: Yeah, we've heard different possibilities, but we are not clear. So go back and I know that we have to have a testing program that continues. Make sure that we can get guys recovered.

The time here, as I said earlier, our players have handled extremely well. I feel good about the way we went on the field and tried to play our football every match. We'll take the disappointment and we'll try to look at everything and see what comes next and be ready.

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