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July 17, 2020

Reggie Jackson

Los Angeles, California, USA

Press Conference

Q. With no fans being in the stadium, how are you guys practicing for that? Can you prepare for that? Can you talk about kind of what you expect from that experience, having no fans in the building?

REGGIE JACKSON: No, I don't think it's anything that you prepare for. As players we've been talking since we've been here in the bubble. We're interested to see what the league does to try to, I guess, make it as authentic as possible, make it as much what we're used to, but for the most part we're just practicing getting after it the way that we are, and guys understand that we're really going to have to find inner drive ourselves continually. The fans are great for us. They do a great job of energizing us; they make the game what it is. They definitely bring energy, especially when it's down. It's definitely a way better experience with fans there, so it's going to be tough without the fans and y'all here supporting us. We know everybody will be watching from home, but it's a different energy when everybody is in the building.

But for the most part we know the statement is true now that we're all that we've got, so we have to rely on each other. We have to bring energy for each other. We're constantly talking about it. I think guys are bonding more, and I think each team is getting ready for that challenge.

Q. Reggie, I want to know what it's like for you because you've been there a week now, and I know you didn't have a training camp with this team, and even though not everyone is there yet, does it still feel like a beneficial training camp in a way?

REGGIE JACKSON: Yeah, guys are getting continuity. We've been apart from each other for a long time. We've been staying in contact a lot, whether it be group texts or guys Zooming, calls, just meeting up chatting. We've been building constantly for myself not being here all year it was a little tough coming over and getting to know the guys, so I feel like this period is really helping me and beneficial for myself just getting to know the team, and right now we're just getting after it in practice trying to get our continuity back, get the feel of everybody back so we can get ready for this push.

Q. Reggie, I know you weren't with the team very long before the season shut down, but I know throughout the year there's certain social things that the team does to bond together and get together, team dinners, et cetera. Is there anything you feel like you guys can't really replicate in the bubble because of restrictions, or do you feel like you can pretty much do everything you would do during a normal regular season in terms of team bonding?

REGGIE JACKSON: For this team, maybe a few things that we can't do that we'd like to, but we've been spending some time together, unfortunately social distancing, but whether it be going out fishing together, seeing each other in the food rooms, just chatting. Like I said, this group is constantly in chats talking, texting all the time.

Pat Bev is nothing but energy. He's finding ways to get guys energized each and every day, whether it just be yelling at us just to be vocal and just talk to each other and have fun. He's always playful when he's on the court. So he's been leading that charge.

Guys have been getting together. We played cards in the playing room when we had some time, but for the most part it's really just been through texts. It's through texts, talking to each other, talking about what somebody is watching. Shoot, even having fun just chatting about what guys are ordering. We've just been trying to find ways to stay in contact, but it hasn't been the exact same with the events, not being able to do everything we want to.

Q. Last week you were also talking about the text chat. I thought it was kind of interesting how you said guys were showing what kind of cars they were driving, you were learning a little bit more about their personalities. I was wondering what's one example how Pat Bev -- what's something Pat Bev would say to charge you guys up every morning, and what's Kawhi like in these chats?

REGGIE JACKSON: The funny thing is people don't know Kawhi has a lot more personality than I think people give him credit for. I think you just have to be his teammate or be close to him. But the guy is amazing. He's funny. He's outgoing. He is who he is. I don't think a lot of people get to see who he is, and it's unfortunate for them.

But Pat Bev, shoot, he's one of the funnier stories, we're all locked up now in quarantine, can't leave your room, but it's probably 2:00 a.m. and all we get is a "Yoooo! Yoooo!" Everybody is like, what is going on. Bev is just yelling through walls, making sure everybody is good. It's the first day, he's just checking, everybody opening their doors saying what's up, looked at each other, and that made, I guess, the first part of the 24 hours of lockdown even better, just knowing that your teammates were there with you.

That's just something very simple, but the guy is constantly energy, a lot of intangibles. He has a lot of intangibles, and he's great with the team.

Q. I was wondering what you were going to do with your jersey. Are you going to put a message on there?

REGGIE JACKSON: Oh, I can't wait. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to having a chance to try to push this social justice reform and movement.

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