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July 25, 2020

Terance Mann

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Clippers - 105, Wizards - 100

Q. Just wanted to know your insight; you have 10 guys, you guys were shorthanded tonight. You were down most of the game but the second unit if you look at the plus/minus differential, you guys really carried the team offensively and defensively. How do you feel you played? You don't always get a lot of playing time and Amir doesn't get a lot of playing time. How did you feel like you did tonight?

TERANCE MANN: I feel like we did all right, man. We just needed some energy out there, and that's all we needed and we knew what we needed, so we went out there and gave all we can and brought the energy.

Q. Following up a little bit on that, a big part of that group was Rodney. Seemed like he's really confident in his offensive game. Have you seen anything different from him since you guys got back?

TERANCE MANN: Yeah, definitely. Like you said, he's been more confident. He's really been working on his shot during the hiatus, so he showed it tonight. He did well.

Q. What's it like kind of trying to go through practice, workouts, individual workouts when there's so few guys, and in what ways do you feel the limitations of that?

TERANCE MANN: Just being smart, working with the time limit, the time that we're out there, still working hard with the time, being smart with it and knowing that we've got guys coming. We've got to slowly work them in, too. So really curious for that when they get back.

Q. What's it like to play with a big man who can pass like Noah?

TERANCE MANN: It's awesome, man. He's vocal out there. He has a high IQ on the offensive end so when he has the ball in his hands you know he's going to try to make something good happen. When he has it, it's just a bunch of cutting, making plays away from him so he can find us, but his IQ is awesome.

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