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July 25, 2020

Doc Rivers

Los Angeles, California, USA

Postgame Press Conference

Clippers - 105, Wizards - 100

Q. When you're in an environment like this when obviously we're not going to have fans, how important is it going to be when you get to big games for benches to generate their own enthusiasm, their own excitement?

DOC RIVERS: You know, as to the question that's been asked, I've always thought for the most part they do that anyway. I just thought you don't notice it because the fans are making so much noise. With good teams benches are alive and very active, very verbal, probably too verbal sometimes, but I think you'll get that. I think the NBA will keep figuring out ways of creating noise because I know they don't want to hear the coaches yelling. If I'm them, I would create more noise.

Q. Some of the guys that played tonight looked like maybe your third-stringers when you have a full roster. How do you assess the way they played tonight in terms of coming back to win, as well?

DOC RIVERS: They played great. They played hard. It's funny, they've done that in our scrimmages and practice, as well. You know, whatever lack of skill or talent they have, they make up for with their effort, their execution. So very happy for those guys. I liked how they played.

Q. About those of two guys from that unit, Terance and Rodney, both seemed to be very assertive playing with a lot of confidence tonight. How did you think they did in their minutes?

DOC RIVERS: I loved it. You know, I don't like our turnovers, and I thought both teams played excellent free-throw defense the way the teams were shooting free throws today. But other than that, I loved how we spaced the floor with that unit and they attacked in the paint. The first unit just settled for jumpers all night. The second unit kept getting in the paint and creating action.

Q. What challenges have you guys faced being so short-handed with the games and practices?

DOC RIVERS: It's a challenge. You know, because we only have 10 guys. That makes it really challenging. There's no breaks in practice, so you tend to not go as long. You feel like you don't get half the stuff in that you want to get in. So no, it's been a challenge. I'd love to say it hasn't been, but it's been a definite challenge.

Q. I had a different version of the exact same question.

DOC RIVERS: Well, ask a better one.

Q. Can you get anything out of that?

DOC RIVERS: No, we can get some -- the guys who are here, especially our key guys, they can get their rhythm now, for sure. You know, it's funny, I'm putting in our stuff, backing in all our stuff, and I don't know if that's good or bad and I won't know because the guys who aren't here don't know it, even though they've run it but they haven't run it in so long. So when they get here, I don't know, that's going to be a tough one. I know that, because you can see today JaMychal came in late, got a couple of the plays that we've run, so I can't imagine when those other five guys get on the floor. One of the things they have done, though, like Zub and Sham in particular have watched every practice on Zoom. We Zoom our practices -- I don't know what you call it; is there a live Zoom? Live stream Zoom? Whatever the hell it is. But they're watching every practice and they're watching it with our coaches that are back. So I'm hoping you can learn a little bit by watching.

Q. The conversation around you guys all the way back to training camp has been, well, we're loaded but we can't get everybody healthy, we can't get everybody in here, and you're right back there.

DOC RIVERS: Yeah, we're right back. You know, it's a little frustrating because you came into camp thinking the exact opposite. Like a week before this all started, we had everybody accounted for, and you know, stuff happens, so you can't worry about it.

Q. Doc, Amir Coffey doesn't really get that much playing time, but when he does he seems to really show up. What did you think of him today?

DOC RIVERS: I love him as a player. I think he's going to have a really good future. He's just so long, and his basketball IQ is off the chart. We use him as a point 3 a lot because I think he has that ability. Made some big free throws. Defensively I think is where early on in his career, you'll see he's a terrific defender. It's great to have him on our team.

Q. Just a question about the live Zoom streaming for Zub and Sham. How does that work? Do you set up a camera and are they able to communicate with you guys and ask questions?

DOC RIVERS: It's live. I speak to them. I say hi. I don't speak to them much more than that. But it's live. They can hear everything. Zub asked if I would wear a mic during practice. I told him no. But he did ask. You know, it's just been really good for them. They wanted to feel like they're a part of the team and involved.

The first couple days was when they were actually in isolation still, and then once they came out of that, then they were able to watch it with a couple of our coaches, which was good.

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