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July 30, 2020

Paul George

Los Angeles, California, USA

Press Conference

Lakers 103, Clippers 101

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Paul George.

Q. What was it like to have Pat Bev with the team, with his energy?

PAUL GEORGE: It was great. Pat Bev is family. I told him after the game his presence was missed. It's great for us to be in support of him dealing with what he dealt with.

Q. Did you feel the energy of that game even without the crowd around you?

PAUL GEORGE: I did. I said this before the game. Regardless of being in the Staples or not (indiscernible). I thought overall (indiscernible).

Q. For a couple weeks now Doc has been talking about the revolving door nature of your roster, how hard it was to get continuity. How did you see that affect what you were able to do in the first half and switch the flip in the third quarter?

PAUL GEORGE: I don't think it was a continuity thing. I think it was we were in foul trouble. The game was a little out of hand to start off. But they were the aggressors. They attacked us defensively. They pressured us.

Second half we came out and I thought we attacked more. We pressured them more. We got back to playing our style of play. The game changed.

Q. What did it feel like to be kneeling with linked arms during the national anthem? How did that moment feel?

PAUL GEORGE: It felt great. It felt great. You look at it from afar, millions tuned into the game tonight. It's great.

It's always going to be on people's minds. It's always going to have some sort of weirdness to it, but it was great.

Played for something. We stood up for something. We kneeled for something. This league is all about unity. Can't say it enough. I love being a part of it because of the brotherhood of this league. At the same time we know that we can change things as well.

Q. Talk about what the conversation was coming out of the first half. A bunch of turnovers. You seemed to get that cleaned up in the second half.

PAUL GEORGE: I mean, it was clear as day we fouled too much, turned the ball over too much. They pressured us. They pressured us, rushed us the first half. (Indiscernible).

Got aggressive. We made stops, gave ourselves a chance.

THE MODERATOR: Paul, thank you.

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