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March 7, 2020

Devonte Green

Aljami Durham

Bloomington, Indiana

Wisconsin 60, Indiana 56

Q. Up nine with about ten minutes and change to play, they go on a run and game completely changes. What do you feel happened? How did it slip away?
ALJAMI DURHAM: Rebounds. We got to make sure we come up with those rebounds. They don't get these second shots, they don't hit those threes. Just rebounding and play harder. I feel like we played hard but just little things, little assignments we have to make sure we don't slip up on and come out with a win.

DEVONTE GREEN: I think it's just attention to detail. Especially in rebounding. Like Al said, it hurt us big time down the stretch.

Q. Devonte, you didn't look quite the same in the second half. Did you get a little hobbled there on your left leg? Something affected your movement it looked like.
DEVONTE GREEN: Yeah, I came down on a defender's foot on one of my shots. It didn't affect me much the first half because my adrenaline rushing, but then you go to halftime and you're sitting for a little bit, and second half I really started to feel it.

Nothing serious. I'll be okay.

Q. Can you talk about those first handful of minutes? Seemed like you were on fire and feeding off the energy in the building as well.
DEVONTE GREEN: Yeah, I'm always feeding off the energy in our building. The fans always bring it so me make it easy to feed off their energy. I got it going in the first couple minutes out there.

Q. Was it your right ankle?

Q. For both you guys, the stretch you missed a bunch of shots in the lane. How much of that is the way you were defended? Did you feel like you were getting the shots you wanted down the stretch, or just a case of missing them?
ALJAMI DURHAM: We got shots at the rim. We got to finish them. Get a foul called or something. We have to be able to convert on them. I feel like we had a good couple shots that we should have made and we can make, so I'm not worried about it in the future and I feel like we'll convert on them the next time.

Q. Defensively, particularly early, you guys were pretty engaged. Was there a feeling, though, late in the first half when you held them scoreless that you could have been up a little more by halftime?
ALJAMI DURHAM: Say it one more time.

Q. Just that stretch late in the first half where the other team scored, did you feel like you missed an opportunity to stretch the lead?
ALJAMI DURHAM: We could but we held them scoreless. I mean, I don't know what else we could do. It is what it is. As long as they don't score, they can't stretch it -- they can't goes the gap. So I feel like we could have, but it didn't happen like that.

Q. Several times this year, Arkansas, Maryland, where you are in control in the second half and they got a way. Is there a common theme do you think in these games?
DEVONTE GREEN: I wouldn't say a common theme. I mean, every game is different. Every team is different. But sometimes things don't bounce your way and basketball is a game of momentum and game of runs. Their run was just a little bit bigger than our run.

Q. You guys are two and two in your last four but the two losses have been pretty close, hotly contested games. Do you feel this team is playing it's best as you head into the most critical time of the year in general?
DEVONTE GREEN: I wouldn't say at our best. I think there's always room for improvement, so we can always get better, but definitely finish better than we started and gradually got better over the season.

And I like our chances and where we're at as a team right now.

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