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February 26, 2020

Race Thompson

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. For either player, Devonte or Race, what did you take from the last meeting against Purdue and does emotion go into it, that you haven't beaten them into while? Do you come in with a chip on your shoulder?
DEVONTE GREEN: Every time we play an opponent, or Purdue especially, we come in with a chip on our shoulder. Probably a little bit of emotion behind it because of the past games over the years. But I would say, yeah.

Q. Just to stick on that topic, when you guys look back on film, if you have looked back on film yet what are some of the biggest things that stand out that have to get better?
RACE THOMPSON: I would say just the effort level overall, just continue to play as hard as we can. I mean, the toughest team for the longest time and that's how we win games.

Q. For Devonte, having been through it now as a senior, been through the Big Ten, you've had your games against teams like Florida State. How do you take those performances like you did last week and start to string it into three, four consecutive wins? Left I think Trayce said, we have to continue to play hard and stick to what we do because it's been going really well for us. I think we're just getting used to playing the way we've been playing. So I think we can string a couple together.
Q. Devonte, when you start to get inconsistent, how do you find a way to bounce back?
DEVONTE GREEN: I mean, I control what I can control, and I mean, coming off the bench sometimes, I come in hitting and sometimes I don't come in hitting and when I don't, I'm instructed to do other things. So I just follow the road that I'm given, and sometimes that role can be inconsistent.

Q. It is a small sample size, you've been in double figures each of the last two games. Has there kind of been -- have you found something to maybe try to be a little more consistent than you were earlier in the year?
DEVONTE GREEN: I mean, basketball is a game of rhythm and it's not always easy finding your rhythm. I mean, when I do, it goes a lot better for me and for us as a team, but I think all of our guards have this problem finding a rhythm, and it's not like we have a ton of plays called to get in that rhythm. We have to find our rhythm for the time that we're on the floor.

Q. Coach Miller was talking about how you guys have played better defensively the last couple games. What would you say is characteristic of what you guys have been able to do defensively the last couple games to be so much better?
RACE THOMPSON: I would say overall, toughness. Just really find a way to be as tough as we can. Like we said, Coach has been preaching being the tougher team for a longer period of time and that's basically what the defensive goals are.

Q. For you personally, knocking down threes, coming back down stronger and Coach says you're playing career basketball. How much are you able to contribute to this team the way you're playing right now?
RACE THOMPSON: I knew I had it in me. I think the team knew I had it in me. I don't think it's coming to a real surprise to anybody on the team, the coaches or the players or anybody. It's every day in practice, just a confidence thing, when it comes to games, confidence is really the main thing.

Q. Forgive me this has already been asked, but Devonte you really pride yourselves on being able to play big, defend around the rim. What's different offensively when a guy like Race is in there, the way you can spread the floor and attack teams?
DEVONTE GREEN: He helps us spread the floor for sure because he can shoot it, and he just comes in and does the little things that we need when we need a big rebound or a big stop or even a good screen set, he comes in and does that.

Q. You had your arms held up after the game against Penn State. Obviously a big win for you guys, but is there also relief that it looks like you're beginning to work through some of the ups and downs that have really hit in the season?
DEVONTE GREEN: Yeah, some sort of relief. Just winning, it's always a good feeling. We haven't had that feeling in a while, so it was a good feeling after that game.

Q. What do you think makes the combination of you and Trayce in the front court so effective in rebounding, scoring points?
RACE THOMPSON: Like Devonte said, I feel like when I'm in the game, they can't just sit in the lane and take off me -- shooting threes really, so they can really clog the lane up when he's in there.

That's about it.

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