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February 13, 2020

Trayce Jackson-Davis

Race Thompson

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 89, Iowa - 77

Q. Did having your brother in the stands energize you at all in the game? And just talk about obviously getting off to a good start.
DEVONTE GREEN: No, I mean I just came out there, I was going to play hard and do what I was trying to do regardless. But it was good to see him and good to have him here. He doesn't get to come to many games I'm glad I had a good night while he was here.

Q. Off of that, what opened up early for you? Obviously they play a lot of zone and come off a lot of shooters. What opened up for you just to get a rhythm and get started?
DEVONTE GREEN: I got a lot of open shots early. We moved the ball well and spaced them out, spaced the zone out. Once I started hitting I got hot and it was on from there.

Q. Trayce, when you see Devonte like that, what do you think?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: Give him the ball.

Q. Anything beyond that?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: When he hits one and two and you have to find a way to get him flares, just any of those ways. You just gotta get him the ball because he's hot. He can touch it. It can go in anytime he touches it.

Q. Devonte, you guys had a four-game losing streak coming in here tonight. What was the mindset coming into this matchup against Iowa as far as the sense of urgency to try to get one tonight?
DEVONTE GREEN: We knew we had to bounce back, we had to get through the slump. And all it takes is one win to get that feel good back in your system in the locker room. We knew it was a tough opponent coming up and we knew it was going to be tough to beat them. I think that gave us some sense of urgency.

Q. Trayce, early in the game you guys really were pushing the ball up the court quickly. Was that part of the plan and a bit of sense of urgency in there maybe?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: Most definitely. I knew -- Coach talked about they didn't get back very well. We kind of lost that. Early in the season we had a lot of point-to-post opportunities and played inside/out. And I think we got back to that in this game.

THE MODERATOR: Race had a career-high 10 points tonight.

Q. Devonte and Trayce, about Race, he had 10 points on the boards but he did a lot of things that didn't show up in the box scores as well. Your thoughts on the way he was able to play maybe his best game.
DEVONTE GREEN: That's who he is for us -- does all the little things that don't show up on the stat sheet and goes unnoticed but we notice it. And we know he will help us win a game.

TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: Agree with just what Devonte said. He does a lot of little things, and we have so many interchangeable pieces. He comes in and does his job and he does it at a high level. We need him to win, we really do.

Q. Devonte, can you take us through what that feeling is like when you, seems like everything you're throwing up, for the most part, is going in? Take us through that, what it's like to have a night like that tonight.
DEVONTE GREEN: It's just a good feeling when you see one and two and three and four go in, it's like, I'm going to shoot it again. I'm going to shoot it until I miss it. And then I'm going to shoot it again. So that's basically what it feels like.

Q. Devonte, when you don't have games like this, where do you go? What happens to you? Purdue for example. That's what I'm talking about.
DEVONTE GREEN: What do you mean what happens to me? Can you elaborate?

Q. Where do you go? You're an NBA offensive talent, but you have games where you score zero and two and three. You're too good for that. Why does it happen so often with you?
DEVONTE GREEN: Inconsistency. I mean, inconsistent -- I really don't know how to answer that. I get inconsistent if things are inconsistent. That's it.

Q. Race, your play tonight and just the way that you're able to find the comfort level on the floor, just about that?
RACE THOMPSON: Getting some more minutes in the game just helps you feel more comfortable, catching the flow of the game. And I know my coaches trust me, my teammates trust me. It's just out there having fun with my guys.

Q. Race, is this kind of how you thought you were going to play? Did you play this with DI Minnesota at times with some big dudes, big games. Is this where you thought you'd get to at some time?
RACE THOMPSON: I thought I'd come in with more time on the floor, just keep gaining more confidence. I know everybody believes in me, but it's some self-talk, too. That's just how I envisioned it.

Q. Devonte, Trayce tonight, kind of a consistent post presence, (indiscernible) halftime, even though he was getting some double teams. How have you seen him grow through the Big Ten season? He's talked about at times needing to get better dealing with physicality and extra attention. How have you seen him grow dealing with some of what comes at you as a big man in the Big Ten?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think his game is maturing. He sees the double teams coming earlier, knows how to escape them better. And he knows when to be physical and when to attack or be strong around the rim. But I mean he's still growing. And I see it every day. And game by game, you can see it develop.

Q. Race, the challenge of guarding Garza in the post. How much did that energize you? Seemed like in the first half your defensive focus, in particular, was really strong.
RACE THOMPSON: You know he's a great player coming into the game. So I mean, really just putting it all on the defensive end is really just all it was about. Trying to focus in on him and trying to stop him as much as you can.

Q. Devonte, have you made more of a point to let more shots find you as opposed to hunting them? Are you trying to take more of a catch-and-shoot variety as opposed to trying to get them off the dribble?
DEVONTE GREEN: Yeah, I would say so. I think I'm learning to find my shots within the offense. It's always a lot easier when you're hitting, but I think that I would say so.

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