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January 26, 2020

Devonte Green

Rob Phinisee

Jerome Hunter

Bloomington, Indiana

Maryland - 77, Indiana - 76

Q. For Devonte and Rob, just your thoughts on what happened there down the stretch. You guys had some turnovers and questionable shots. What do you think was the problem there?
ROB PHINISEE: I'd say lack of communication down the stretch. I know there was a couple of mishaps that happened with ball screen coverage where they got a couple of open rolls. Then obviously, like you said, we turned the ball over last minute, and then they got that easy bucket. Really just communication at the end of the game. Really we just have to settle down on defense and lock up.

Q. Obviously before that, what changed in the second half defensively for you guys? Especially early on you kept them from getting much of anything after they hit a bunch of threes in the first half. What were you trying to change and focus on at that point?
DEVONTE GREEN: They hit a lot of shots early, so we were trying to run them off the line. We were all on the same page on the ball screen. I think we did that better the second half.

Q. Jerome, I know it's not the kind of result where you want to talk about your own good things that happened today, but do you feel like you kind of put some things behind you and really took a step forward today?
JEROME HUNTER: Yeah, it's just a lot to learn being a freshman, just a lot to learn. Just one of them games, tough game.

Q. Devonte, you're a senior. You've been through a whole lot. Can you just, in your words after what you've been through, what was this loss like to lose it that way that late?
DEVONTE GREEN: A lesson, just like every other loss. We were down. We came back. We fought our way back, got the lead, and then lost it. It just goes to show that the game could turn at any point.

Q. I guess for any of you, you kept kind of pushing it to eight. They kept coming back. Was there ever a stretch where you felt you kind of had them close to put away for good? And what was it that kept getting them the answers, I guess?
ROB PHINISEE: Credit to them. I feel like they hit shots when they needed to. So it really, really starts on defense. I feel like, if you can get stops on defense, it translates to offense. I felt like we didn't get stops when we needed to down the stretch, and that's the result we got.

Q. Rob, you talked about lack of communication down the stretch. Is that your responsibility as a point guard to make sure everyone's lined up and where they need to be? Is that something you kind of take responsibility for?
ROB PHINISEE: Yeah, for sure. I mean, the point guard, you have to lead everybody by example. So really everybody needs to be on the same page and everybody has to talk. So we have to execute our game plan.

Q. For any of you guys, obviously Jalen Smith is a really good player, but 29 points is the difference in the game. What was difficult about that matchup, and how was he able to kind of have that kind of game against you guys?
ROB PHINISEE: Yeah, he's a really good player. He's not like a traditional big where he posts up most of the time. He had a lot of pick and pop threes. I don't know how many threes he hit, but he hit a lot. We had to switch up coverages on him and just have different guys guard him because he's such a good player. Credit to him, he made big shots when he did it.

Q. Talking about Jalen Smith, obviously emotions running high at the end of the game, but the reaction to him and your fans?
THE MODERATOR: They never saw it. They were off the floor. They never saw what happened.

Q. The next one then. I'm sure you guys saw other things when you got into the locker room, the reports of Kobe Bryant.
THE MODERATOR: They don't know. We haven't told them yet. Seriously.

Q. Can I get their reaction to it?
THE MODERATOR: Yeah. Kobe Bryant was killed today in a helicopter crash, so yeah.

Q. Huge news for the basketball world. Obviously, you guys had no idea. Your immediate reaction to this? As everyone found out while you guys were on the floor.
ROB PHINISEE: Obviously heartbreaking. He's arguably the best player ever to play. I was a fan growing up. My heart goes out to his family really.


Q. Rob, you guys go 1-1 in two home games against ranked teams. Do you look at it as pretty much success? Do you look at it as opportunity slipped away to get another one? How do you view this week?
ROB PHINISEE: Move on to the next game. Just focus on the next game when we play Penn State. We can't get too happy after winning, and we can't get too down on ourselves after a loss. We have to move forward and get back after it in practice tomorrow.

Q. For any of you guys, 22 assists today, the ball movement is getting at kind of that optimal level that you'd like to see it at. How do you build off of that, I guess, kind of going forward?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think our ball movement has been better every game. I think we get better at it every single game, and I think we'll just continue to build on it.

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