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January 17, 2020

Jerome Hunter

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. What are your takeaways from watching the film of the game at Rutgers and what do you have to do better than that?
JEROME HUNTER: Obviously we've got to shoot better as a team. I mean, I don't remember the last game we had like that where we just could not hit a shot. But I mean, we just got to focus on our defense. We were in the game the whole time. If we played better defense, hit some more shots, it would have been a better game.

Q. Shots you're letting opponents shoot and point totals, and what's kind of fueled that, and how do you not let the offensive struggles bleed over into defense?
DEVONTE GREEN: We know defense is going to be a key part of our wins or success, so we try to focus on that every game we come into, no matter what's happening on offense. Even though we were struggling the last game we just tried to stay with it.

Q. As a more experienced guy, Trayce, Coach talked about the extra attention he's starting to get because of performances he's had. How do you talk a guy through that in real time, not just schematically but in term of his mentality and mindset?
DEVONTE GREEN: It's tough, especially as a freshman when you get scouted and it shows on the court. I guess during real time, I just tell him, don't force anything that's not there, and like it will come to you.

Q. For either player, with the amount of work that you put into the off-season in terms of perimeter shooting, is this kind of frustrating, or is there a feeling that maybe it will turn?
JEROME HUNTER: I think as we keep shooting them every day and as we keep playing more games, I think eventually, I mean, they going to have to start falling, because I mean, we keep shoot them every day and Archie really emphasizes in practice that you need to start making shots if you want to win big games.

Q. Jerome, I you know you started to work your way into the games now, more minutes per game, but as far as finding your role on the floor, I remember Coach Miller said at one point, he told you more defensively, stay out of your way offensively, but as you find your way on both ends of the floor, how is that progress going the last couple games?
JEROME HUNTER: I'm trying to get better every game. I'm getting more minutes now. I'm out there more and I'm experiencing more. I think as the games keep getting and as I keep getting more and more minutes, I think I should start getting more comfortable and start finding my scoring angles, just trying to find ways for me to be productive on the floor.

Q. What do you remember about the first game last month against Nebraska, what do you have to do better this game?
DEVONTE GREEN: Last game they got hot and went on a run with us. Defensively, I think we have to be more locked in this game. On the boards, of course, we've got to stay on the boards and put the ball in the hoop. Name of the game.

Q. What you said for Trayce, being a guy that's scouted and making sure he can still be effective, how have you adapted that over your career now that you're a senior?
DEVONTE GREEN: It's all in game reads, I would say. You have to read what why your defender does and how he plays and you then just adapt to that. Certain plays, you just have to read the screen differently or something like that, so that's how I would say I adapted.

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