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December 30, 2019

Tom Crean

Athens, Georgia

Georgia - 78, Austin Peay - 48

COACH CREAN: Brian Fisher told me we scored 75 points in 33 minutes. We'll take that. We hit a real lull there in the first half. And it was us not attacking. It was us not pushing and defending as well at the beginning of the game. And then certainly in the second half we did a much better job and the ball moved much better. Our defense was fantastic for a while, for a long while. They added two points, three points for a good portion of the time.

So as a coach you're always striving to get better and better. And I didn't like the lull we had in the first half. I really liked how we responded in the second half. And I thought the ball moved. We shot the ball better it was great seeing Donnell knock in shots. And hitting eight threes was good for us. It was great to see Toumani and Christian team up. Mike Peake gave us solid minutes.

We had some guys banged up with injuries that affected them, like Rodney Howard. And Jaykwon got hurt the other day in practice, couldn't play tonight. Tye Fagan was bothered with a lower body injury a little bit. He wasn't himself. I thought we played him a lot tonight. But happy with the way they responded, because the bottom line is they have a very good team and they had two guys that scored a lot of points.

We did a decent job on them, not a great job, decent job, did a real good job on everybody else.

Q. Could you talk about how they responded in the first half and --
COACH CREAN: They responded. I give them credit. The players understood. They knew they needed to play with much more urgency. And they did. They deserve the credit. They responded. They responded. It was about halftime adjustments because it wasn't like we needed to do new things, we needed to do what we need to do right. We didn't do that as well against the zone. And we've got to learn. We've got to learn how to take a lead and build it.

Basketball is a lot of different situations. And the bottom line is you want to be consistent if you're going to be any good in every one of them you get. And we were able to come back in the second half that much better.

Q. Was this a case a little bit of human nature, a young team getting a big lead and relaxing a little bit?
COACH CREAN: It might be, but you can't have patience with that. You can't have patience with that. And what young players need to understand, the game is not about -- the game is not about, well, I'm just going to kind of figure it out. No, we've got to win the game. That's where -- it's getting more and more competitive in practice. I'm not sure they all understand that yet. But certainly human nature plays into it. But if you coach human nature enough, you lose a lot of games. You've got to get guys through it. But to their credit they responded in the second half.

Q. Can you talk about the zone, the second game where the zone is throwing you guys for a loop a little bit.
COACH CREAN: When we stand, I think I covered this the other night. Didn't throw us for a loop. We stand. When you stand and don't cut and move and play through the middle good things don't happen. We don't practice that way. So we practice with movement. But what happens is we start to -- we start to spend too much time thinking about the things that aren't going to matter, what matters is cutting and moving without the ball, pass faking, getting behind the defense, flashing them. We have different areas where we seal. Moving without the ball, getting off the top. Those type of things. We're a team, we have to make adjustments every day with how we play. We're a work in progress on both ends of the floor and in rebounding. And so we've just got to continue to figure it out and continue to make ourselves better.

Q. (Indiscernible) started the second half against a third team in a row.
COACH CREAN: He started. I made decisions. I made decisions. Thank you.

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