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December 29, 2019

Trayce Jackson-Davis

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Arkansas - 71, Indiana - 64

Q. For either player, feeding the post in the final 10 minutes, it looked like they made some adjustments. What was the inability to kind of get the inside baskets that you were getting through the first 30 minutes, what kind of contributed to that?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think we were on the glass heavy and that was part of it. But I think they just did a better job guarding it the second half than they did in the first.

Q. More to that point, Trayce, what changed for you in the second half? How were they defending you different, especially when you got going early? What did they change that made it hard for you to get the ball?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: First and foremost, give them credit for the second half adjustment. In the first half, they had whoever No. 33 is, probably 6'3", guarding me. In the second half they had No. 2, who was a lot bigger, stronger guarding me. So, I thought that was a good adjustment by them.

Q. Devonte, overall what do you feel happened there? You had a 10-point lead. They went on a 15-1 run that changed it. When you looked at that stretch, what do you feel were the big problems?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think we turned the ball over at key points, and I think they just made more shots than we did.

Q. I know it's just two games in a way, but after going through maybe a similar dynamic against Notre Dame, are there things that you can diagnose that you can kind of get out of those stretches to be able to say, as the season goes on, how to break yourself out of those funks, I guess?
DEVONTE GREEN: I mean, I think we just have to be conscious of it and stay poised during those times.

Q. I think Trayce had, like, no shots I think it was last nine minutes, 9:01 or something like that. What do you need to make sure those kind of things don't happen?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: I think I just need to be more aggressive, post up harder, try to show them my numbers, I guess. Just little things like that. Show them my number, so when you're posting up.

Q. Obviously on the opposite end they were able to hit more of those 3s a couple guys. You obviously had a couple guys you were trying to focus on in Jones and Joe. What led them to getting a few more open looks in the second half than you guys gave them in the first?
DEVONTE GREEN: Couple of miscommunications, for sure. Some of them were just contested, but they were already hot so they were hitting a lot.

Q. The free-throw shooting today, I know it's something, a point of emphasis over the offseason, and early in the season you were knocking them down. What do you have to do to get the percentage back up?
TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS: All my free throws I thought really felt good. They were just long. But just keep going, keep getting them. Even though we don't hit them, we can still get them in foul trouble. So, still a big emphasis on the game for getting to the line.

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