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December 28, 2019

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. Coach talked about Arkansas likes to go small. That's something you guys haven't seen a ton of this season. How do you make that work and maybe, I guess, if you can concurrently, how do you force them to deal with your big lineups?
DEVONTE GREEN: We just got to try to get inside the best we can. I know they like to front the post a lot and make it hard to do that. But just got to try to find our bigs when we can because we know that we have the size advantage.

Q. And what's the balance to strike between knowing a lot of the personnel, kind of skill set-wise you saw them twice last year, with understanding that the concepts are going to be a little bit different. It's a different coaching staff, it's as different scheme.
DEVONTE GREEN: We just got to take it as a whole new team, basically. We never take the same approach to any game even if it's the same team we play twice. So I think we just have to come into it, like, just seeing a whole new team.

Q. Follow-up on that. It's a unique challenge, it's going to be a lot of guard play, but Archie mentioned possibly having four guards around Trayce do you look forward to a unique challenge like that?
DEVONTE GREEN: I definitely look forward to it. I always like when we adjust our offense depending upon the style of defense or the team we play, so I think it will work good for us.

Q. Are you noticing in your practices guys being more crisp, more fresh just because you guys haven't had that grind of games and school and all that, and had a little bit of downtime?
DEVONTE GREEN: Definitely we have. You could tell the difference in everybody's bodies and just mental. Taking a couple days off of everything, that's always good. So but you could tell the difference in practice.

Q. How much has it helped that you guys seem to be more healthy than you've been, basically, since the very start of training camp?
DEVONTE GREEN: Definitely a big, huge help. And looking forward to having everybody in at once for the first time.

Q. How much do you feel like you guys are building continuity as a back court now that have you all your pieces together?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think it's a process but we're definitely building every day.

Q. Talk about blending the freshman and Armaan Franklin Trayce Jackson Davis both have done very well with you guys. Talk about how they have played so far.
DEVONTE GREEN: They have been great for us. Trayce, he's been great, of course. Armaan is always ready to make big shots or just whatever he needs to do, he's been working every day, never getting down on himself so I've been proud of him.

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