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December 11, 2019

Adam Long

Pat McCabe

Jeff Sanders

Bess Spaeth

La Quinta, California

PAT McCABE: Good morning, everyone. You got quiet, but that was not very enthusiastic. Good morning, everyone.

THE GROUP: Good morning.

PAT McCABE: There we are. Welcome to today's media day event at The American Express PGA TOUR event, our 61st anniversary of this fantastic historic PGA TOUR event here in Coachella Valley in the beautiful city La Quinta.

Thank you all so, so much for being here this morning for what is sure to be a fantastic day here today, fantastic 34 days away from the event in January.

My name is Pat McCabe, the tournament director of The American Express. We have got a lot of great, exciting announcements to make today. Obviously the most important announcement was made back on September 9th with American Express. A big round the applause. Thank you to American Express as our brand new title sponsor. (Applause.)

Would like to recognize their team here today. Thank you to Bess Spaeth, Frank Higgins, Lindsay Alry (phonetic ) and Margo Leeds from their team. Let's give a round of applause for American Express. (Applause.)

To our friends at Wasserman here as well joining us. Connor Swarbrick, Jez, Frank -- I'm sorry, Zach. Thank you to Wasserman in the back of the room there. Thank you for all your help the last few months. (Applause.)

Before I introduce our executive director, Jeff Sanders, we're honored to have our defending champion here joining us this morning. He flew all the way from Florida last night just to be here for this event. When I texted him a few months back, I think he was already responding with a resounding yes before I could send the message.

Let's give a big round of applause to Adam Long, our defending champion joining us here as well. (Applause.)

We're going to have a chance to hear from Adam at the end of the program after we hear from Jeff and Bess. With that, I would like to call up the executive director, Jeff Sanders. Come on up, Jeff.

JEFF SANDERS: Good morning.

THE GROUP: Good morning.

JEFF SANDERS: Thanks, Pat, thanks Adam for being here. What a shot at the last hole last year, buddy. Amazing. Great to have you. It's great to have you here. It's awesome.

We're back at this wonderful place called PGA West here in this beautiful part of the world, La Quinta, California, and it's the very first American Express media day.

Again, I can't put a big enough exclamation point on American Express. American Express is an amazing company, an iconic global brand, and we are over the moon to have American Express as our title sponsor.

So once again, how about a big round of applause. (Applause.)

It's great to see so many familiar faces and new faces here today. Obviously the marketing of this tournament is the backbone of the success of this tournament. We have to have fantastic media partners that work with us year-round to help us drive those ticket sales, drive those fans to the gate, and drive everybody here to have a great time and a great week at The American Express.

So thank you to all of our media partners here and other guest here today. Really appreciate what you do for us on an annual basis.

Also like to introduce the mayor La Quinta, who is here, Linda Evans. Linda, where are you? Could you please stand up? (Applause.)

Linda been a phenomenal supporter since the day we showed up here. Thank you so much. You're amazing. Team effort. You got that right. It's a team effort. The parking lot down here, the sand I call it, is La Quinta sand, and we park thousands of cars there, and without Linda we could not do that. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Probably want to know how ticket sales are going. They're going fantastic. They're unbelievable. We've already sold more tickets today than all of last year. (Applause.) How is that?

I think they like Phil Mickelson a lot, and Stevie Nicks and Luke Bryan. Where you going to go for $50, and $40 if you have your American Express card. You better all have one and see those two shows. Unbelievable.

So yes, that's just amazing.

Again, we've always said this is a golf festival. It's a PGA TOUR event, 61 years old, but really this is the place to have a great big festival, and certainly Stevie and Luke Bryan are going to add to that.

So as we go back, as Pat said, this is an historic event. This is its 61st year. Like to be back a little bit in time. My absolute idol in golf, Arnold Palmer, played a big role here. Mr. Palmer, again, was the host of this tournament in 2009. He won it twice. You just can't hardly get through a media day without mentioning Arnold Palmer, so excited that he helped us along the way.

Again, that was ten years ago in 2009. The legendary Bob Hope hosted this event from '65 to 2002, and he leaned on his relationships in Hollywood and Washington D.C. to bring celebrities and presidents here. We're going to continue that as we go forward. Can't promise any presidents, but at the end of the day, we want to bring back some people that can have some fun outside of the golf and make it more fun.

Bob Hope was big into the charitable component. There has been over $60 million contributed to the Coachella Valley since the day this tournament started, and a lot of that goes back to Bob Hope.

We're very happy to announce today, or not announce today, but put another exclamation point on our tournament host. Our tournament host is also deeply committed to this community. He's a part time resident here in La Quinta. You may or may not know that, but he is, and he loves it here.

But he's deeply committed to the charities in the Coachella Valley and promises to keep the money here. It's not going anywhere. The money made on this tournament will stay in the Valley.

So he's had 44 PGA TOUR wins, five majors, three Green Jackets, and two wins here in the desert. As we know, his fan base rivals that of Arnie's Army, Phil Mickelson. He wanted me to just simply day how much he appreciated everybody. He wanted me again to thank American Express for their amazing involvement, and he's looking forward to being here for the week and doing whatever he can to help this tournament, again, grow and be successful.

So with that, it's my pleasure, my honor, to introduce today the senior vice president for global brand media and experiences for American Express, please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, Bess Spaeth. Thank you. (Applause.)

BESS SPAETH: Hi, everybody. I don't know how to follow that act. Thank you so much, Jeff. On behalf of American Express, we are absolutely delighted to be here and to be the title sponsor of The American Express. I think folks might know this, but American Express has supported golf for decades. It is a sport that consistently ranks as a really key passion point for our card members. So it's an absolutely great place for us to get involved.

This provides us a unique opportunity to really demonstrate the powerful backing of our brand to our customers through The American Express. We're going to be able to reach our card members, clients, merchants, partners, and the local community here as the PGA TOUR begins its 2020 west coast swing.

Of course as a pro-am, it really offers a unique golfing experience for American Express customers and partners alike. Since its introduction in 1960 as the Palm Springs Classic, as Jeff mentioned, the tournament has generated approximately $60 million for numerous nonprofit organizations in the Coachella Valley that enrich the lives of local residence.

We are really excited to be able to play a role in revitalizing this event, and therefore helping to further enrich the lives of the local community.

We're happy to be partnering with Phil and the Phil Mickelson Foundation and to have Phil as the host of this year's event, and, again, as was mentioned, really make sure that money stays here locally in the Valley.

So, you might have heard some of this as well. I'm really happy to announce that this year Tony Finau, Matthew Wolff, and Paul Casey have all signed on to play in The American Express. We are thrilled to have all three playing, and they're going to be some great partners for our guests in the pro-am experience.

And of course we are beyond delighted to have defending champion Adam Long here today to speak with you shortly. So, again, from everyone at American Express, Adam, thank you is much for making the trip out here today.

In addition to the great golf, we're bringing the unique value proposition of bringing sports and entertainment together. We do have the legendary Stevie Nicks and Luke Bryan playing their concerts here at PGA West for all fans who purchased tickets to the tournament on the 17th and 18th respectively.

You are also going to see a new look and feel around the course. I got a little bit of a unique peek yesterday, and I think you're going to get one today. I think it's really exciting and just really makes things feel fresh and new.

And then for all of our card members, we've got a fantastic offer. Hope you're all card members. 20% discount on tickets and 20%, same discount, on concessions and merchandise as well here at the tournament.

So that's all the news I've got. We are so incredibly looking forward to making this a must-see event here. I think I'm just going to welcome Pat back up to the stage. (Applause.)

PAT McCABE: Thank you, Bess. Exciting news, exciting announcements. Just reiterate how fantastic that is to have Tony Finau as part of our field this year, as well as Paul Casey, Matthew Wolff, as well as the long list. I've got a couple other announcements here that I'll go through. But it's exciting. It's a new day. So thank you for this exciting news on those fantastic players and American Express ambassadors.

I would also like to thank a few folks in the room here as well. With us are our two host venues. We wouldn't be able to play golf, our PGA TOUR players or our amateur players or our guests without golf courses as we like to say in this business.

So joining us from La Quinta Country Club, Bruce Zahn, the general manager. Thank you, Bruce, for being here. (Applause.)

And then of course our host here at PGA west, Darrin and his team. Darrin Harn, general manager over here. Thank you, Darrin. (Applause.)

This event is so important to all of them, to their membership, to the guests, and we couldn't ask for better partners. Thank you for being here, and participating, and thank you taking for opening up the doors of your club in January and all year for us. Working with your team fantastic.

Again, as Bess mentioned, kicking up the musical entertainment quite a bit this year. Ticket sales being above and beyond what they were last year with Luke Bryan and Stevie Nicks, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, as we announced that just a couple weeks ago.

Interesting fact about Stevie. She's the only female artist to be introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, with her work as Fleetwood Mac and her solo career. That's fantastic.

And then Luke Bryan with his presence on American Idol and 14 or 15 No. 1 hits I believe it's going to be a fantastic crowd for the classic rock fans and the country music fans alike.

The unique element we've been able to create at this event over the last few years of course is that your tickets that you purchase to the event includes golf and includes the access into the music concerts as well. So for $50s, you can come and watch Phil Mickelson, Tony Finau, Adam Long, and enjoy fantastic music at the end of the evening as well. So certainly encourage you all to come on out early in the day.

It's amazing to see. We have got the golf fan, we've the music fan, and then we've got the golf and music fan, just that interesting dynamic of folks. We've got the 7:00 a.m. arrivals and you've got the 4:00 p.m. arrivals who quite frankly might not know who is playing golf, but they sure know who's playing on the main stage on Friday and Saturday night.

So a few of the highlights of our on-course venues this year, which are back, bigger, better than ever. The 16th hole, 17th hole, 18th hole here at the Stadium Golf Course just provides for some incredible drama as you come down the stretch as a PGA TOUR player on Sunday. I'm sure you'll hear a little bit about Adam's shot on 18. What was that, a 7-iron you hit from way further than it should have been with Adam Hadwin and Phil in your group.

We want to create that fan atmosphere, and we do that with approximately 30,000 square feet of open the public hospitality. So that's highlighted starting at the 16th hole. We've got the Michelob Ultra Beers For Birdies where on the 16th green and 17th tee fans can go in, and if there is a birdie on 16 or a birdie on 17, fans get the opportunity to drink half price Michelob Ultras for 15 minutes. We got to put some extra marshals up there to make sure the rules officials and the Golf Channel don't yell at us too much.

Also, on the 17th green, the CasAmigo Club 17, which is a fan favorite as well, only about hundred yards from our main tournament entrance. Fans can enjoy a margarita, full bar, food, Mexican fare as well on the 17th hole. Marquee hole there on the Stadium Golf Course; The Rock at Alcatraz as we like to call it.

And then on the 18th green back once again this year by popular demand, 13,000 square foot venue open the public approximate. Once again, there is a theme here. The Albertsons-Vons Club 18. It's truly I believe the best seat in golf for that $35 or $50 ticket buyer. Fans can go in and eat local food, enjoy beverages, golf. And, again, that is a phenomenal venue there on the 18th green there throughout the course of the week.

So one new venue to highlight this year and the Corona Par-Tee venue, which is going to sit in between the first tee and the ninth green. Again, just in addition on to those venues where fans can go. They can watch golf, eat, drink. There is a theme here as well. The food and the wine and the spirits and beer, et cetera. But the Corona Par-Tee venue is back or is new this year, and should be a nice addition to the fan experience.

Of course, as Jeff mentioned, Mr. Palmer and his great history here with the event and his military respect that he had and his appreciation, it's important to the tournament to welcome and host our military members, veterans.

United Rentals Military Outpost is provided on the 18th green where they can go and enjoy complementary lunch there on the 18th green as a thank you to all of their service and to come out and enjoy the event.

So, again, I have a few announcements also to tack on as it relates to the field this year. So you heard Tony Finau, Matthew Wolff, Paul Casey. Two big announcements to make, one of which joining the field is three-time PGA TOUR winner and the 2018 Open champion is Francesco Molinari. He will be joining us for the first time in a number of years.

Then also committed to play, and this one is exciting, grew up here in Southern California. Hasn't been here I believe since 2014. He is a five-time PGA TOUR winner. He won last year at the West Management Phoenix Open; he is over in Australia right now competing at the Presidents Cup. We're excited to have Rickie Fowler join the field this year as well. (Applause.)

So, again, as we're 34 days out from tournament Monday, the field is beginning to take shape. You'll start to hear some more announcements as that comes about. We're excited where we stand now. As we get those additional announcements, it's going to be tough to defend and tough to repeat there, Adam, but we're excited to have a lot of great names here joining us and being a part of the event.

So with that, again, I want to thank you all for being here. Thank you to American Express of course for being here. I'm going to turn it back to Jeff and introduce our defending champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Adam Long. Come on up. (Applause.)

JEFF SANDERS: Great job, Pat. Again, thank you everybody. We're going to have some fun now. A little Q and A up here with Adam and myself. I'm going to through Adam a bunch of soft balls, and at the end if you have some questions, please feel free to give those to Adam.

Before maybe Adam wants to say a few words.

ADAM LONG: It's great to be back. Thanks for everybody coming out. As I said flew from Florida last night and I was eager to come back. I haven't been back since I won. The landscape and everything, it's great to be back with the mountains and the blue skies. Excited to be here.

JEFF SANDERS: Great to have you. It's amazing. That finish you had last year, could you please take us through that? I know it was amazing, first big win, first year on the PGA TOUR.

Talk about what was going through your head and the amazing second shot and that putt you just center cut at 18 to take Phil out. Must have felt pretty good. I want to hear what Phil has had to say to you since then. Long is here and Mickelson is here, so pretty close in the locker room.

ADAM LONG: Yeah, I mean, it was a pretty incredible day. I was three back going into the round and excited, nervous, and couldn't wait to get out. Started out with a couple birdies and closed the gap a little early and hung on all day.

It was a whirlwind day. I just went into it like I'm just going to enjoy this. I've got nothing to lose. Just try to have a blast with it. Coming down on 18, there was some intimidating shots on 17 and 18. It doesn't get any more visually intimidating than that.

I hit it just right of the fairway on 18. Thought it was going to be fine. Wasn't in the water so it was perfectly fine with me off the fee. Then I get up there and I'm like, Wait. It was like on the downhill. Somehow got stuck on the hill. Didn't go down to the flat or stay at the top.

So I went back and forth with my caddie, 6-iron, 7-iron; the pin is tucked left against the water. We were all tied at that point. I knew those two are in the fairway, Hadwin and Mickelson, and they weren't going to shy away from the flag.

I knew the more I thought about it the harder the shot was going to be. I got over it and thought, I got to be an athlete about it and somehow will this towards the hole. Hit a 7-iron, looked up, and couldn't have been any better. It was going right at the flag and ended up like 13 feet and the rest is history.

JEFF SANDERS: The rest is history. But the putt you made, we were all standing there and we were watching you. Did you get any little read off Phil's putt that came first?

ADAM LONG: A little, yeah, for sure. He was probably 40 feet, somewhat similar lines, but our shadows -- it was starting to get a little dark and our shadows were huge. I had to go way out of the way give him all the space.

So by the time I got over to the area, I only saw the last four or five feet. It helped a little to see it breaking left a little bit, and then I had the opportunity to win the tournament all of a sudden.

JEFF SANDERS: It was fantastic. One ball out on the right, right in the center, huh?

ADAM LONG: Yeah, I can't remember.

JEFF SANDERS: So you've seen Phil since, right?


JEFF SANDERS: I know he has to have needled you. He has to have. That's just Phil, right? How has that been?

ADAM LONG: Yeah, it's been great. I didn't know Phil before that day. That whole day playing with him was awesome. I can see where he has so many fans and why everybody loves him. He told great stories out there and couldn't have been more nice to me the whole day.

And then afterwards too I've gotten to know him a little bit since then out on tour. Like you said, our lockers tend to be pretty close to each other. He hasn't really needled me about the tournament per se, but he's just so outgoing. He'll just tell you stories without even asking him. He's hilarious. You can't help but stop and listen to him.

JEFF SANDERS: Yeah, that's great. We're happy to have him as our host and you as our defending champion. Since you won the tournament, you got into the Masters. Tell us a little bit about that experience.

ADAM LONG: I mean, that was a dream come true. It's incredible how different the Masters is to every other event. You get pretty accustomed to how the TOUR runs things, how things go, and then you get to the Masters and everything is different all of a sudden.

It was incredible. I really enjoyed actually like going -- I went twice beforehand with my caddie and then my coach and doing a lot of the prep work and being comfortable being out there and learning the golf course. Obviously that's the one major that's at the same spot every year, so a lot of people have played it tons of times and this was my first go at it.

I really enjoyed just going early and getting the vibe of the golf course and learning all nuances, which there are millions. And then the tournament week just kind of flew by. I had my family was out there. It was a blast.

Even during the rounds you're just pinching yourself. Holy crap. I'm in the Masters. Like that's pretty incredible.

JEFF SANDERS: Speaking of family, you've got some big news want to share, don't you?

ADAM LONG: I think you're probably referring to my wife and I are having a baby in April. (Applause.)

Is that what you were referring to? Yeah, pretty excited. Found out Monday it's going to be a boy, so that's all good news. Probably going to be a golfer. No, we're super excited and cannot wait. It's great timing. Can't wait.

JEFF SANDERS: Are you going to come out early or come right from Hawaii?

ADAM LONG: Yeah, going to play Tournament of champions from winning this event and get into the next Tournament of Champions. So I'll go to Maui the first week of the year, play the Sony since I'm already over there.

So two weeks in Hawaii and then come here on Monday and get ready to play some good golf.

JEFF SANDERS: Fantastic. Well, tell us a little bit --so this is obviously Presidents Cup is coming up and Tiger is the captain. Maybe a little insight for everybody on what you think about this year's Presidents Cup, our team versus the other team, and Tiger as captain, playing captain. Any thoughts on that?

ADAM LONG: Pretty interesting. I've never seen it before personally, so it's bean be pretty cool. I think they have a lot of excitement around the event because of Tiger Woods being a playing captain. Obviously the U.S. team is just ridiculously loaded. When Brooks Koepka decides he can't play, he's injured, they don't have to go very far down the world rankings to find a replacement in Rickie Fowler.

I think they're all outstanding players. The problem is they're heavy favorites as they are every year. But I'm a Duke basketball fan, and we just lost at home to Stephen F Austin and they were 30 point favorites. Anything can happen in sports. I hope they're ready to go and don't take it for granted, because the internationals have plenty of great players as well.

JEFF SANDERS: And they know that golf course. They've played it well, haven't they?

ADAM LONG: Yeah. They got some local Australians, the internationals, I know they've been out there way more than the U.S.

It'll be fun to watch and.

JEFF SANDERS: Have you played with Tiger?

ADAM LONG: I haven't. I was close a few times, but hoping in Japan, at the ZOZO; he ended up winning. We had same tee time opposite tees, so they regroup on the weekend, on Saturday based on score, but also based on the time you finish.

So had a played a little bit better we could have been paired together. That'll be a pretty cool experience. Obviously playing with Phil was awesome here, but playing with Tiger would be an awesome experience.

JEFF SANDERS: Some of the guys coming in, Francesco, Tony, Matthew Wolff, Phil, and Rickie, have you played with them?

ADAM LONG: Yeah, I think all of them -- maybe not Molinari, but the other ones. Finau I played with a lot this year. All good guys. Great players. Going to be an awesome field. I mean, it was last year, too.

World No. 1 Justin Rose was here. Everyone loves coming out here. I don't know how you can't. It's three awesome golf courses. Really cool, like they hit on earlier. Amateurs get to play with two pros Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday.

It's cool for us, too. We play with each other all the time in tournaments. It's cool have some tournaments like this -- there are only a few -- to mix it up a little bit.

I love this kind of format. It's way more relaxing and less intense. It's fun to just meet people and you kind of forget you're in a heated tournament sometimes. I think that helped me last year, the format, because I wasn't as nervous, as uptight about being near the lead or anything.

It was kind of like you're just playing with some buddies and there is a leaderboard over there though.

JEFF SANDERS: And a check. Speaking of the check, did you do okay spending that money or still got a little of it?

ADAM LONG: Well, I don't know, I don't spend money on myself very much, but my wife is pretty good at it. (Laughter.) We didn't make any huge purchases or anything, but she got a new car recently, a BMW, so that was pretty cool.

JEFF SANDERS: Pretty cool.

ADAM LONG: Yeah, she let's me drive it to dinner sometimes. That's nice.

JEFF SANDERS: No condo here at PGA West yet?

ADAM LONG: No. That's a good idea. Play hard.

JEFF SANDERS: Enough questions from me. How about from the audience?

Q. Phil Mickelson and John Cook said starting here this early and winning really was an impetus for the rest of their season. Did that effect you, winning so early?
ADAM LONG: Yeah, big time, mostly because of my own situation as far as status-wise. I came off the Korn Ferry Tour the prior year, and you're not guaranteed a whole lot of starts and your schedule is up in the air and very dependant on your number.

Winning here in January provided me full status for the rest of that season and the next two season. So that was huge for me as far as status goes and being able to pick and choose my schedule a little bit and relax and focus on my game and try to get a little bit better.

JEFF SANDERS: Any other questions?

Q. I get that first victory is obviously a life changer for someone like you, but the weeks after that looked like you were struggling for a while. Take a while to get over the hangover of winning? What was the effect and some of the things you experienced as a winner in subsequent events?
ADAM LONG: Yes. (Laughter.) Yeah, I mean, I was kind of thrown into the fire there a little bit. I was rookie and then all a sudden I won and went from here to Torrey Pines and on to Waste Management. It was just a lot. It was a lot of -- I was kind of getting pulled in some different directions, and the hard part was all these places were new to me. I hadn't played all these courses and hadn't had that experience yet.

So I'm spend being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prepping for the course while I'm also doing other things, and being recognized by other people, players. It was all great. I missed a lot of the cuts there, but a lot of them were by one or two. I felt like I set a record for missed cuts by one.

It got a little more comfortable later in the season and it's been a good fall. Yeah, it took me a little while maybe to get comfortable again and kind of find my lane.

But we're past that and looking forward to a good year.

Q. Couple questions. You being an astute basketball fan, what do you think about Steph Curry and his talent as a golfer, the ability to be that good is as basketball player and that good as a golfer?
ADAM LONG: Yeah, that's incredible. And Tony Romo is another one. To be that good at two different sports is pretty uncanny. I think we a respect both of them a lot for what they do. It's not easy. I don't think any of us claim we could play ib the NFL or NBA. Seems like they really enjoy it.

Q. Have you played much basketball in your life in college or anything?
ADAM LONG: Not really. Kind of as a kid growing up, but not really. I'm a better spectator than player.

Q. If you were to play with Tiger Woods, what would you expect? What do you think it would be like?
ADAM LONG: Just from buddies of mine who have played with him more recently in the last four, five years, he's been awesome. Super outgoing and communicates well. Asks questions. He's funny and polite and respectful. I think he's still possibly the best in the world and still my hero. We're all here probably because of him. He's done so much for the game that we're forever thankful for.

I think he's recognized that role a little bit more the second half of his career. He's a respectable guy and he's pretty awesome. I think it would be great.

Q. Is it your first child coming?
ADAM LONG: It will be, yeah.

JEFF SANDERS: Any other questions for Adam? This is your shot. Adam is a pickleball player. (Laughter.) Pickleball is big here in the desert.

ADAM LONG: Don't laugh. It's the best game in the world. It really is. We play a lot at home and we played last year here on some courts locally.

There are a couple other players on tour and caddies that we all -- one of my buddies Josh Teater, he travels with pickleball paddles, balls. He's always ready to go. He's always asking to play. So I know there are plenty of courts around here that we'll definitely hit those up again this year.

JEFF SANDERS: Are you the best pickleball player on TOUR?

ADAM LONG: No, no. I just enjoy it. There are some really good ones.

Q. We were wondering how our courses compare to other courses on tour? Stadium has a pretty legendary -- it's pretty hard.

Q. How do you feel about it compared to other TOUR course?
ADAM LONG: Well, the condition, first of all, is unmatched. Really is impeccable how the greens -- all three golf courses the greens and the grass, it's just perfect. I know you have pretty ideal growing conditions, but it's still incredible to come out here. It's beautiful.

But the Stadium Course in particular, and the Nicklaus as well, but they -- the tournament course -- they are extremely visually intimidating. I think that's been one of the big things for me my whole rookie season really was getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Standing on that tee on 17 and 18 and there are some other ones on the front nine, 5 and 6, I mean, it can be pretty intimidating.

The more you see it the more it becomes like a home course kind of feel where you don't feel as intimidated. But I think first year players and stuff, it can take a round or two to get comfortable as far as picking your lines.

JEFF SANDERS: Any more questions for Adam? Okay, how about a big round applause for Adam long? (Applause.)

JEFF SANDERS: So as Pat said, we're 34 days away. We're trending this way obviously with today's announcements with Rickie Fowler coming to the tournament and Tony and Matthew and Francesco and Phil already ere and Adam. We have got an amazing field. We're excited to get those players into the marketing and the advertising to take it this way. As Pat said, we've got three verticals: golf fans, music fans, and both.

We think that with Stevie and Luke and all the golfers in this area we think the both part is where we're focused. Thanks for your help with that and helping us drive those sales and get all the people out here so we can get as much money as we can to the local charities.

That's what it's all about. Again, have a great day playing golf. Thanks for your support. Thank you, American Express, and have some fun everybody. Thank you.

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