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November 30, 2019

Cole Kmet

Adetokunbo Ogendeji

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

Stanford, California

Notre Dame - 45, Stanford - 24

Q. Stanford scored 17 points in the first 20 minutes but just seven in the last 40. What were they doing early on and how did you guys adjust?
ADETOKUNBO OGENDEJI: They made some plays, made some throws down the field on us in the first half. And then we had to adjust in the, during the halftime and make some an adjustments. We went out there, we understood the game plan, saw our mistakes, and then went out there and played.

Q. What were some of the adjustments?
ADETOKUNBO OGENDEJI: Just, we knew they were going to pass the ball a lot. And they were passing it on the perimeter and things like that, so we knew we had to get to the pass, get to the rush, get to the quarterback, make plays and then just get BD's and that's what we did in the second half.

Q. How did you like your position switch? I know you've played in there before --
ADETOKUNBO OGENDEJI: Yeah. It was a little different but next-man-in mentality, we talk about that all the time. So when they told me I had to switch, I said, all right, just go out there and said, whatever, do whatever is best for the team.

Q. They have an inexperienced offensive line because of the three freshmen in there. Did you feel that at times at some point you would wear them down?
ADETOKUNBO OGENDEJI: Yeah, absolutely. We knew they had some freshmen in there and they had some injury issues like us, but we knew we could take advantage of it. So we got some senior guys who stepped up and some younger guys who stepped up and so we knew we had to step up and make some big plays.

Q. What did the blocked punt do to energize this team?
ADETOKUNBO OGENDEJI: Oh, it was definitely a game changer. Special teams, we just talked about it, special teams was a big thing for us this whole game. Foskey played a great game. John Shannon was incredible. All those guys were just balling for us, so special teams definitely got a spark for us in that first half.

Q. Cole, offensively, did you feel like it took a minute to find what was going to work tonight?
COLE KMET: Yeah. I think whenever we played Stanford, it's always kind of like that. But, yeah, we obviously wore them down, I think, during the game and we were able to start hitting stuff as the game went on, so I think we started to execute better as we continued.

Q. How did not having Chris Finke out there as a regular part of the offense affect what you guys were able to do?
COLE KMET: I think we did a lot more two tights, I think you saw that. We tried to run the ball more at the end. Chris is obviously a huge part of what we do, so we had to try and find some things that would work for us that, like, me and Chase trying to get open more and Jafar, Tony, and C'Bo, they had to come through and they did that today.

Q. The season is over, can you explain what the offensive identity of this team is, because it seems like you guys tried to do a million different things through the course of the year?
COLE KMET: I think it's just, I know that, I feel like game to game it's different, but I think we're just gritty in that sense, that whatever comes up, like, whatever is working for us, we go with. So something may not be working one day and it may be working the next, so we just kind of go with the flow in that way. We're not perfect all the time, but we get the job done.

Q. (No microphone.)
COLE KMET: Ian was looking back, but he scored the touchdown.

Q. (No microphone.)
COLE KMET: Yeah, I stole one from Tony earlier so I guess it was karma coming back.

Q. Cole, Ian just passed Ron Powlus for fourth all-time career for touchdown passes. Talk about his leadership on the team and what it's like catching passes from him?
COLE KMET: It's been great. I could just, to see him develop as a leader from my first day here until now is amazing and he's great. I'll let Ron know that. That's pretty cool.

Q. Jeremiah, you had three third down stops there in that six or seven in a row. What was the adjustment you made, because they were marching it and then six times in a row you forced punts?
JEREMIAH OWUSU-KORAMOAH: Well, the key was to just stop them by getting to the quarterback, first and foremost, because it's third down. We were kind of looking at trying to get inside leverage and trying to adjust our leverages and trying to give them different looks to alter our stops, so.

Q. Were you on the field for the blocked punt?
JEREMIAH OWUSU-KORAMOAH: No, I was not on the field for the blocked punt. I wish I was.

Q. Three straight 10-win seasons for this program now. What's that mean to you guys? What's that show?
COLE KMET: I mean, obviously, it shows, like, where we've come, I came in here after the 4-8 season and guys, like, in Ade's class, they stepped up and showed us the way and how to do things. And I think that's really shown throughout the weight room in the off-season and then obviously leading into the season. So obviously really special and we want to get one more in our bowl game so look forward to that.

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