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November 30, 2019

Justin Smith

Devonte Green

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 64, South Dakota State - 50

Q. Justin, it seems like you started to perfect that quick drive and then go up with the half hook. Is that, is that something you've always had or maybe something you're going to more this year?
JUSTIN SMITH: I guess so. If the guy who is guarding me is a smaller defender then I feel that I can use my strength to kind of get, use my body to get that quick hook shot over them. So it's definitely something I worked on over the summer and I'll continue to utilize during the season.

Q. For both you guys: You guys are open 7-0 on this season. What do both of you like about the team? And what do you really think that you guys are doing better this year than maybe you have in the past couple years?
DEVONTE GREEN: I like that we improve every game. I think we get a little better and take something away from the last game. Also, we come out to play as hard as we can every game.

JUSTIN SMITH: I would say our depth and being able to play one through, I think 11, just being able to three a bunch of different guys at the other team, create some matchup problems, and kind of just use our versatility to our strength.

Q. Devonte, I think Trayce has had four double doubles now in seven games. What's allowed him to come into college basketball and play this well as a freshman? And how much have you seen him improve since maybe this summer when he came on campus and started working with you guys?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think it's just mentality, keeping that aggressive mentality on the boards and around the paint. Also I mean, he's such a good athlete that it's, he has that advantage of getting boards over guys. So, I mean, I won't say much of an improvement. He has always been a good rebounder. I wouldn't say it was much of an improvement, but that's what he does.

Q. After the last game Coach talked about defense and making other teams work when they have the ball. You guys had a couple shot clock violations. Is that something you guys talked about this week and do you feel like you guys defended better overall today?
JUSTIN SMITH: Yeah, I would say that we did. We focused a lot on defense, especially ball screen defense, knowing that they really like to do that. So we were able to key in on our schemes and get it done defensively today.

Q. From a rebounding standpoint, you guys out-rebounded them 45 to 29. What has been the key for you guys just to hit the glass hard and especially to have that kind of advantage at that kind of margin?
DEVONTE GREEN: I think we emphasize it a lot in practice. Do a bunch of rebounding drills and, fortunately, we have just had a size advantage on our opponents, so I think that's part of it.

Q. Have you guys talked about how this is kind of your break, your change in the schedule? You go from playing mid majors to all bigger schools from this point forward. Or is that just something that's unspoken? And maybe moving forward, Devonte, do you see it as more, it will be more guard-oriented than maybe where you had the front-court advantage against these smaller school teams?
DEVONTE GREEN: We take every opponent just as serious as the next. And guards are always important in our offense, and just in this game. But I think if we keep doing what we're doing then we'll still have the advantage on the other team.

Q. Coach Miller has talked about wanting to have 12 or fewer turnovers, and last game wasn't good in that regard. And then tonight you guys had 19. What was maybe some of the issues that you either of you see that you had tonight and what can you do to correct that going forward?
JUSTIN SMITH: I would say in the first half we were trying to force it inside, especially with a team that was defending us by crowding the paint. There's a lot of different hands in there, so when we were throwing it inside it was hard to get around the defenders. I think also just being sure with our passes and not try and make the home-run play. Just kind of just making good plays. But we'll probably shore that up and I'm sure we'll work on that going forward.

Q. Justin, 16 offensive rebounds for you guys today but only six second-chance points. What could have helped you guys kind of convert on some of those extra opportunities for you guys today?
JUSTIN SMITH: Taking our time once we get the ball, going up strong, not letting the defense kind of impact us down there.

Q. I know Mike talked about kind of the break in the schedule from going from the mid majors to the high majors, but just for either of you who have played in big games in this arena there's going to be a big one here Tuesday. How excited are you to kind of get that maybe big-game atmosphere here at home for the first time this season?
DEVONTE GREEN: I'm always excited to play in Assembly Hall, but it's always an advantage for us when there's a lot more fans here and they're a lot louder and the game's more intense. So I would say I'm excited.

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