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November 23, 2019

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

Florida Atlantic 40, UTSA 26

Q. Coach, now that you are officially eliminated from bowl contention, what is the atmosphere like?
FRANK WILSON: Not so much being eliminated so much as our last game here in the Alamodome, the back end of a season for a senior group that have worked so hard. Again, near and dear because they've been here since '16, upon our arrival, those guys were here.

They had opportunities to back out of it. Of course, a small class, because it was January when we arrived. The handful that we brought, with the class that was already here, just could not be more proud of those young men, the leadership they've shown with our team.

We went out and we played hard. We wanted to be able to dedicate this win for them in their last game in the Alamodome.

This is a very special place. Our university is a special place. Our fans, our school is. We wanted to play well for one another more than anything else. To fall short on that, not have a win, is the thing that hurts those young men.

But the effort was there. There were a lot of bright spots in today's game, a lot of improvement that continued with our team, especially falling behind at some point 20 something to 3, could have easily packed it in going against the representative of the East Conference USA champions, highest scoring team in our conference.

We traded blows with them. We couldn't afford to go back and forth playing from behind. When you turn over the ball, we had some young guys out there that gave everything. We rode them this far. Today just wasn't their day in some spots.

The good thing, we got some other guys in, though. We got a young Jojo Weeks in the game, Brenden Brady in the game. We were able to play some guys who have not played substantially throughout the year that we turned to, and they answered the bell. Their hard work showed in their improvement and style of play.

Q. You had 401 yards of offense, third game with 400 plus yards. What is your analysis of the offense today?
FRANK WILSON: Improving. One that early on we were really worried when we were in the hundreds. Now to be in the four hundreds, to continue to improve as well is something we're proud of.

I think this team continues to get better. We will only get better. Even next week, we'll learn from this game, identify the things we didn't do well, build on them and move forward.

It was an emotional game. At the hotel usually when I give my fire and brimstone speech to get ready to play, I stepped down and I shared the stage or gave the stage to our seniors, allowed those guys to speak to their team.

It was one that was heartfelt. You saw it I think in our style of play against a very talented team. Those words that they said to one another were sincere. The love and the compassion and want to see each other do well showed itself.

Q. Is there a mood of disappointment not being able to reach bowl eligibility this season?
FRANK WILSON: Again, it was the last game at the Alamodome. It was Senior Day. It was their moment for that.

The talk today wasn't so much let's get bowl eligible, the talk today was let's go represent well in the Alamodome, compete our behinds off and show we're worthy, that we can play with the very best teams in our conference.

I thought we did so. I thought we said we could play in a never-say-die spirit. You take those turnovers away, I think you have a more competitive game. That's part of it. Hats off to that team because they're a very good football team. Their tight end 40 is a Sunday player, will play in the National Football League for years to come.

We did our best to cover him. Put one underneath, one over top. At times when they tried to hide him, they created matchup issues for us. He had a huge game on us. He's our leading tight end in our conference. We did our best to try to contain him. Thank God he'll be going (laughter).

Q. Overall why else were you not able to come up with more stops defensively?
FRANK WILSON: Again, I think sometimes there are difference makers. I think that guy was a difference maker. It wasn't necessarily where he was uncovered. He was covered. At times contact was made sincerely with him. We bounced off of him.

I think the opponent, the skill of certain people, sometimes show its prowess. I think that was the case in today's game with their tight end. I thought he was a huge difference maker in this football game.

Q. What was the difference with Lowell, he was not able to replicate the same type of numbers?
FRANK WILSON: I don't know. I know he wanted to play well. They don't intentionally go out there and want to throw an errant pass, interception, or not do well. He practiced well. His intentions were well. It just didn't click for him today.

When Jojo got in the game, I thought it clicked for him today. He actually pulled a zone read and escaped and extended plays. I was so proud of him doing those things.

I thought Lucas played his best game from a punt standpoint.

But I don't know why it didn't click for Lowell. You practice, you give him the looks, the anticipation of what's going to be there, and it has to happen in the game. At times it didn't today.

Thank you so much.

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