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November 20, 2019

Devonte Green

Joey Brunk

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 79, Princeton - 54

Q. Devonte, a little bit of a choppy first half, felt like they were trying to make it a little more physical inside. How helpful is a guy like Joey that's both experienced in a game like that and also just maybe not going to back down from that physical challenge when you are dumping the ball down low?
DEVONTE GREEN: He was a huge help. The other team had a good big man and we needed somebody to answer the call. And Joey stepped up, and he was big for us on both sides of the ball.

Q. Joey, seemed like tonight you were a little more aggressive going to the basket quicker, fewer dribbles, right to it. Was that sort of the point of emphasis, or it just kind of happened?
JOEY BRUNK: I mean, it kind of happened through being here and wanting to be aggressive and come back to shoot tonight, wanted to be aggressive, just working on it and being ready, being prepared.

Q. Joey, when Devonte is making some of passes on the court and feeding you the way he was and hitting those shots, how much fun is it playing with a teammate like that, some of the plays he can make, how much fun is it?
JOEY BRUNK: You love it. You love having somebody that's looking for you, wants to reward you, and you want to play hard with him because you know he's going to get you the ball in the right spots.

Q. Devonte, how much fun were you having with some of those one-handed passes and how comfortable are you feeling back on the floor now your second game back?
DEVONTE GREEN: Definitely feeling a lot more comfortable. I've been out for a while, but it feels good to be back, and I feel comfortable out there with my team.

Q. Joey, your thoughts on Devonte, when you see a guy make some of those shots that he makes, the stutter-step drives, what are your thoughts seeing a guy make those creative plays?
JOEY BRUNK: He's hard to guard. And obviously I'm happy not the one guarding him and he's on my team and I'm not getting out there on ball screens trying to hedge it. So I'm happy, I'm happy he's on my side.

Q. Joey, seems like over kind of the last few games you guys have really stepped up defensively, made adjustments in the second half. Is that something you kind of talk about at halftime, or what's kind of been the change from the first half to second half defensively?
JOEY BRUNK: Just through all my practices, obviously, it's been a point of emphasis, and when you come back in at halftime we wanted to regroup and know that we played a good half but had another one to string together.

Q. Joey, as the team gets more healthy and more guys get on the floor, how does that help you with your comfort level this being your first year here?
JOEY BRUNK: The more reps we get together, the better together we're going to be. Just hopefully kind of continues to build.

Q. Devonte, felt like you guys did some things down low in the second half to engage their double team. How helpful is it to have versatile bigs, bigs that can do more than just set high ball screens, when you have to adjust to what a defense is trying to do to you on the rim?
DEVONTE GREEN: It's huge. I think in a game you're going to make hundreds of adjustments, and our bigs, being so versatile, they'll be able to pass out the double and just change up how we've got to play, depending on how the other team is playing, defending us.

Q. Devonte, only nine turnovers tonight as a team. I know it's something in the past years you've struggled with. I think in five games you've been pretty good at that. What's different or being emphasized differently that's changed so far?
DEVONTE GREEN: I mean, it's always been a point of emphasis, but I think we're just being smarter this year with the ball. And I think we just are making more shots. So it's not that many turnovers to go around anymore.

Q. Devonte, you talked about getting your comfort level back. In real time, I imagine you can do a lot of that in practice, but some of it has to happen in the game. What do you need most? Is it the defense? Is it seeing the shot go down, throwing some of those passes that helps you get the comfort level down?
DEVONTE GREEN: Getting it in the rhythm definitely helps. After getting a couple practices under my belt, biggest thing is chemistry with my team. I think that's why I felt so much more comfortable today because I got a couple more practices under my belt.

Q. Devonte, there was one moment where I think you got behind Justin, kind of hugged him, after you gave I think it was a pass to Joey?

Q. Why were you so excited, what was the hug about?
DEVONTE GREEN: I don't know, I don't have anything to say to that one.

Q. Devonte, want to get your take on Joey's game, give me a player's view, what stands out to you most when he has a game like he did tonight?
DEVONTE GREEN: I mean, he's a problem down low. He has such a presence and when we get it to them force a double team or just focus so much on that everybody else it opens up the floor.

Q. 19 assists to go with the nine turnovers. Just the unselfishness. How much has that been fostered within the first couple of games, and how much fun is it to play when the ball's kind of hopping?
JOEY BRUNK: Obviously it's a lot more fun to play when the ball's moving around. It's not just sticking in somebody's hands. And we play three-on-three and four-on-four in practice and it builds those habits of finding each other off screens and sharing the ball and being unselfish.


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