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November 18, 2019

Terence Steele

Lubbock, Texas

Q. What do you think the urgency level is with this team right now, two games remaining and you need to win them both for bowl eligibility?
TERENCE STEELE: Yeah, our season is on the line. We need these next two wins to be bowl eligible and extend our season, so that's where we're at. The team knows that. That's the sense of urgency around here.

Q. Has it kind of changed the energy in the locker room?
TERENCE STEELE: Definitely, I can feel it. No one wants to be home early for Christmas. We want to be up here practicing, have those extra couple weeks to spend time with each other. I can definitely feel it, yeah.

Q. Have you allowed yourself to think about the emotions that are going to go through your head on senior day, especially with how much you've gone through?
TERENCE STEELE: No, I haven't gotten that deep into it yet. I'm sure once that time comes I will probably get a little emotional, just thinking about all the times I've spent in that stadium. Get a little emotional.

Q. Anyone you think you might cry?
TERENCE STEELE: I could see Madison and Bruffy. Actually I can see all of us crying, honestly. I'm not going to say anyone wouldn't.

Q. What do you see when you see Kansas State?
TERENCE STEELE: Same team I've always seen: Extremely well-coached, well disciplined. They're going to -- offensive-wise they're going to hold the time of possession. They're going to try to keep that. The defense is going to attack you, get after you.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory in Jones Stadium?
TERENCE STEELE: I do. It was back when we had Pat in the -- Baker Mayfield, that game here at night, I still have dreams about that game. That will always stick with me.

Q. Any play or a couple plays stand out?
TERENCE STEELE: Just everything that happened really. There was so much scoring that went on. I pretty much remember everything.

Q. For you guys as an offense, obviously there have been multiple times against TCU, Iowa State, Oklahoma maybe the offense hasn't started as quickly as you wanted. What do you need to do in this game to make sure that doesn't happen?
TERENCE STEELE: Yeah, we've just got to come out of the gate scoring. I don't know how we do it, we've just got to make it up in our mind that we're going to do it. Look at the past two home games. We started off slow but we dominated the second quarter, third quarter and fourth quarter, but it just wasn't enough to finish. Look at our game two against West V; we came out of the gate firing and West V couldn't catch back up. We need just that same sense of urgency we had for West V for the next two games, and we'll be good.

Q. Is it important to come out early and try to get on the board?
TERENCE STEELE: Yeah, I would say so.

Q. Is there anything you guys can do? The run game obviously struggled. Is there anything in particular that has been an issue for you guys?
TERENCE STEELE: Us up front, we've just got to keep straining, keep staying in our run blocks. I know we got the backs to do it. We've got some of the best backs in the conference. It really just starts with the front five, and we just need to keep straining and we'll pop open some holes.

Q. I think Kansas State has a lot of their defensive linemen returning. Any of those guys in particular that you especially are impressed by?
TERENCE STEELE: I have respect for all of them. All of them. I haven't seen any take any plays off. They're always out there head hunting. I've got respect for the whole D-line group.

Q. You've gone against, I guess, Reggie Walker --

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