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November 16, 2019

Gary Patterson

Lubbock, Texas

TCU - 33, Texas Tech - 31

GARY PATTERSON: Offense did good, defense kind of screwed up. I've never seen a group try to screw it up, but we found a way to get our stops the last two stops, and that's what mattered. Offensively nice job today.

Q. What was your emotion like when Vernon forced that fumble and Tre recovered?
GARY PATTERSON: I mean, what do you think yours would be like? I'm just glad we recovered it. You know, we said on the sidelines with about six minutes left to go, we were going to have to make a couple plays on defense. They lined up and did some stuff in the passing game and did run formations they never did, and to be honest with you, our free and our corners did not handle it very well, and it was very simple stuff. All there had to be was communication.

Q. Gary, you mentioned the fast start. How nice was it for the offense to show some life early on?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, if you're going to win on the road, that's what you've got to do. It's simple. You've got to play like we played.

Q. Gary, talk about the maturation process of Max Duggan today.
GARY PATTERSON: Well, yeah, he just keeps getting better. It's been a season-long -- did we throw a pick? None. Win a ballgame. No picks, win a ballgame.

Q. Coach, big day today from Taye Barber. Is this the kind of game you've known he could have for a while?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, we had the same kind of day against Texas. But we've just got to keep throwing vertical with those guys and take chances. We've got to make plays.

Q. How tough was it to lose Gladney there, and how do you think your secondary responded?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, we're (indiscernible) of here in two ballgames anyway, so we're going to have to play with those freshmen anyhow next year. I thought besides the first play that Kee'yon did real well.

Q. In that touchdown late to Jalen that was called back, what did you see on that play?
GARY PATTERSON: I don't know, I didn't see it. They called a pick, so...

Q. How valuable has Jonathan been for you guys this year?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, a lot more than we were a year ago. Every point counts. Every point counts.

Q. How important was it to get off to the big start in the first quarter against the Red Raiders?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, yeah, you're going to have to get off to a big start. I mean, they just came off a victory. The team that was going to win probably was going to get bowl eligible, and so for us, we're one game closer, and that's what we're trying to get accomplished. Our backs were really kind of against the wall if you want to know the truth about it. With everybody we had down, that we lost, and a couple big offensive linemen didn't play today, Austin Myers didn't play, so we did some things we needed to do. I thought it was awesome. Like I told them, it was a team effort. That's what you've got to do when you win on the road. You've got to win -- it's got to be a team effort.

Q. When you talk about Duggan's maturation, how much does his running threat figure into that?
GARY PATTERSON: Oh, I think in this day and age, if a quarterback can't run, you're in a lot of trouble because everybody can play so many coverages and do all the things, and the quarterback won't take off, you're going to be in trouble. You know, he scares me because he's so reckless and so he's got to just calm down. But you know, he even came off of the sidelines. He was mad because we kicked the field goal, he was mad because we didn't get a touchdown. That's what you're looking for in a leader.

Q. Your defensive line was getting pressure on Jett but they also missed some tackles today. Can you talk about how they played --
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, two touchdowns. I called blitzes where we had him dead right in the backfield and we missed him. You can't kill the guy, you've got to tackle his legs and get him down. He's a running back playing quarterback. You've got to understand what he is. And we did not, obviously.

Q. On your radio show I think you said this was one of the better weeks of practices you guys had. How important is that to carry forward and did you kind of see that early on?
GARY PATTERSON: You know, we'll see what tomorrow is like. Right now we're just glad we won. But we've got two games left, one at home. We've got to go play Oklahoma, which is a good football team. That's next on the list.

Q. How do you think Coker handled -- I know you have to go back and watch the film --
GARY PATTERSON: I don't know. He didn't play until the fourth quarter.

Q. How important was it to convert on those 3rd downs? You had a great percentage today.
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, we told them on the start of the drive that if we got one 1st down that we could run out the clock, and so we were able to get it because they had two time-outs left, so we knew if we could get a 1st down then we could run the clock out, and so everybody talked about finishing what we went out there, finishing. Had to be a 1st down. And they were able to get that.

Q. There's been some people that have been critical with Sonny and play calling and the offensive execution in general. How do you think he did today in the offense?
GARY PATTERSON: Oh, yeah. Like I said, the offense did good. You know, we did have a good quarter where we didn't score any, but at the end we scored and we did what we needed to do in the fourth quarter to win the ballgame. That was the biggest thing was to make sure. Last week I took the wind in the third. This game I kicked against it, betting that if we could just hold them off, that we would have an advantage in the fourth quarter if we need to kick a long field goal, and it turns out it worked for us.

Q. You kicked against the wind in the third quarter, and the fourth quarter --
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, it was with us.

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