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October 28, 2019

Joey Brunk

De'Ron Davis

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. What do you like and not like about where this team is right now? What kind of strategies did you see in the Marquette game and what do you need to work on this time around?
DE'RON DAVIS: Honestly I don't have any dislikes. I feel like we compete hard in practice. The Marquette game was a good game for us. Felt like it opened up a lot of eyes. Obviously we were down two bodies, but, I mean, we hung in there and played hard of we played aggressive.

I feel like once we have a complete team a lot of things will change and become more smooth in the offense. As far as on the defensive side of the ball, I feel like we communicate well. Everybody does their part. I feel like if we just continue to take pride on the defensive end, things will take care of themselves.

JOEY BRUNK: I think our game against Marquette was a great learning experience for us were get out there and play somebody new, play somebody fresh, instead of beating up on ourselves.

I think it's something that we've kind of noted and we want to grow from. Hopefully we look like a different team here in a couple weeks compared to then.

Q. Joey, talk about how it's going for you. Obviously you've got college experience, but you're around a new bunch guys now.
ARCHIE MILLER: It's been a smooth transition. We have a great locker room full of guys and everybody wants to learn, grow, so kind of makes that whole process pretty easy.

We can talk and, Hey, this is what I'm seeing, this is what I'm seeing you can do, kind of bouncing ideas off each other. It's been a good process.

Q. With some of the pieces missing in the back court, how as front court players can you guys pick up for that absence and help out?
DE'RON DAVIS: I feel like we got to continue to do what the coach is preaching, and that's run the floor hard on both ends. Like you say, with some of our players being down, our back court players, that we need to, as front court player, put pressure on the defense in the middle of the paint. That is what coach has been stressing and I feel like we've been doing that a lot.

I felt like we have a deeper team as far as in the front court more than we did last year. It's only been me. So I feel like coaches have been rotating us out. With Race being healthy, he's great contributor to everything we do, so...

Q. You mentioned how the front court is deeper. For both of you, how have you seen the different ways you can play with Justin, Trayce, Race, all the different guys you can play with down in the front court?
DE'RON DAVIS: I mean, we all just kind of bring a little bit of different things. I feel like a guy like Race is always on the glass, always energetic, always doing the little things right.

But I think the good thing about all our front guys is we are all capable of making post moves and being aggressive and being efficient around the rim. Once one post player comes out it's not like, oh, you can take a break or forget about the next. It's boom, boom, boom. We can hit you with four and also play together, too.

Q. De'Ron, as far as the rotation, I know you're one of the leaders on the team. Does it make it easier to be a leader on the court or is it one of those things that the less time you spend makes it more difficult?
DE'RON DAVIS: No, honestly the addition of Joey has made the vocal and the leadership role for us, like with our bigs, a lot less stressful for me, I guess. To know that if I come out the game or if Joey comes out the game, that we have young guys stepping right in to fill that role.

Q. Coach mentioned rebounding. How are you guys addressing it in practice?
JOEY BRUNK: We definitely had our rebounding drills that we've done. It's been competitive. It's been a point of emphasis. We watched film. It's something you want to learn and grow. After you see it on film, it's something that definitely sticks out and something that we want to continue to get better at.

DE'RON DAVIS: Yeah, same thing what Joey said. I mean, like on our practice points or as far as regarding like the gold jersey, they have our percentages up there, how much we're going in practices and in the game. You kind of see for yourself where you are at.

Being the competitors that we are as a team, we always want to continue to do better, whether it's in practice against each other or in the game. So those percentages help us engage and see where we're at.

Q. I guess for either of you guys, Coach Miller talked about the differences in the way you run your offense when Al is at point guard as opposed to someone like Devonte or Rob. What are some of those differences for you guys as front court players when you have a different guy running point, and especially with Devonte and Rob being hurt to start the season?
DE'RON DAVIS: In my opinion, I feel like I really don't know the strategies behind what coach is doing for that, but I know for me, being a big that is pretty aggressive down low and likes to pass at the same time, I know that if I have Devonte at the 2 he's going to be on the wing and ready to shoot. So just depending on who is in that spot.

I know if a guy like Rob or Al is at the 2, then we also have a spotter shooter, but we also have that motion to continue the offense, you know what I mean, just because like a guy like Rob is not as aggressive as Devonte shooting the ball and things like that, so...

Q. Joey, if you can give me your take on what's impressed you most about De'Ron in the fall and, De'Ron, do the same thing, what's impressed you most about Joey this fall?
JOEY BRUNK: I think De'Ro has a knack for getting the ball where he needs it. Obviously he has every shot, fake, wiggle, everything in the post to be able to create his angles to score. He has great touch. It's definitely always an ongoing battle whenever the ball goes inside to make sure you're staying disciplined or whatever, but as soon as he gets that little bit of an advantage on you you're kind of done because he's so skilled and so strong.

DE'RON DAVIS: Couple things with Joey. Just his energy and effort off the court and like in the weight room. He kind of held us together this off-season and continues to keep helping me get through the weight room and continue to push me there.

Then on the court, I mean, like two practices ago, maybe three, he hit me with this running sky hook. I was like, Whoa. You can't block that. He gives me a bigger body to go against in practice. It's like every day, even though Jamo was an outstanding post defender, he was still shorter than me. So if I got to a spot I could just shoot over him.

With Joey I need to pick and choose what I need to do around the rim and pick and choose my moves.

Q. Along those lines, what's been tough to guard with Trayce? What is unique about him?
JOEY BRUNK: He has an ability where if you think he's going left, you know, you think you beat him to the spot or whatever, seems like he just kind of keeps going up, keeps elevating, his arms keep stretching out.

Sometimes you're thinking that was a pretty good effort on defense. He just kind of beat me out. His knack, you know, when he gets going he rebounds the ball really well and he plays hard. He's just kind of got that ability.

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