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October 19, 2019

Dave Doeren

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston College - 45, North Carolina State - 24

Q. Biggest issue for your defense trying to stop their run game?
DAVE DOEREN: I don't know where to start. We didn't tackle well. Didn't set edges. Didn't play well enough and have good enough technique. They did a better job than we did is the bottom line.

They pushed us around at times and their running back ran through contact. You're not going to have multiple guys in the sets they're at. You got one or two guys that get there, and at times we made plays; too many times we didn't.

Q. With your quarterbacks, obviously Bailey starts. What did you make of how that worked out for you?
DAVE DOEREN: You know, I just felt like Bailey was a little bit shook. I could be wrong on that. That's how we felt. Devin went in and looked calmed, and wanted to give him a shot.

Q. Devin had a pretty productive second half.

Q. What do you like about what you're seeing from him at this point?
DAVE DOEREN: Both him and Bailey throw the football well. It was more about just being in a bad situation. Devin seemed calm. Seemed level. Wasn't pressing. He was just playing. Valuable reps for him to get out there and see what he can do.

Q. You said earlier it's a reality that you're missing (indiscernible) starting tackles and then obviously Dillon. Do you chalk up more of the problems on the running game to more than that, or is it really just a personnel issue at this point?
DAVE DOEREN: Yeah, I mean, there were 11 guys in our two deep when the season started that are done playing right now, and so there are a lot of things chemistry-wise that make it hard, whether it's offense or defense.

For us's it's a multitude of things. It's not one thing or one tackle or this tackle or this guy or that guy. There are a lot of players that aren't playing. It's not an excuse. Guys that are there have to take advantage of the opportunity and play better.

We've got to do everything we can executive, schematically to give them opportunities to make plays.

Q. Is there anything - I know you need to watch the game - anything inside the 10 or inside the 5 that you would like to see? Tried Matt.

Q. Anything you like to see your guys clean up in there? Is it a play calling issue? Do you think it's more of...
DAVE DOEREN: I think it's everything. Yeah, I mean, we had a guy -- early in the game we ran a timing route and Thayer was open and Bailey threw it over his head.

That would've been a touchdown and it wasn't. We got stopped twice down there on an inside run off the edge. So last year Reggie could have ran through that play probably; this year we're not able to do that with our backs being freshman against the bigger kid.

We went with Matt to see if we could get some QB run game going, and that didn't get us in the end zone. A lot things we got to look at.

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