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October 17, 2019

Joshua Kelley

Josh Woods

Stanford, California

UCLA - 34, Stanford - 16

Q. What did that feel like for you guys the last minutes (inaudible) and the band's playing and you guys can savor that? What did that feel like for you guys?
JOSH KELLEY: Feels amazing. It's what we play football for. We pretty much we practice all week. We grind hard offseason. To beat a great team like that on the road, it's leaves a great feeling in your stomach and your heart to do it with my brothers, especially my senior brother Josh Woods. That's amazing, that's something you'll remember the rest of your football career, winning games like that. It does a lot for us going forward too.

Q. Did you guys know about the streak?
JOSH WOODS: Yeah, definitely.

Q. You're going to win?
JOSH KELLEY: Oh, yeah, it's awesome. This is our last rodeo. So saying that we were the team that beat the streak, so that's a great feeling for sure.

Q. Do you think the older guys on the team know about it? Dorian said he didn't know about it?

JOSH WOODS: Especially like for a guy like me I've been here so long. I know the streak.

JOSH KELLEY: Yeah. For sure.

JOSH WOODS: I just had to beat this team. This is one of the teams we couldn't beat. We got over that hump that. Was really exciting and just enjoy it with the young guys I did know. It was awesome.

Q. Did you hear from any of the guys that already graduated by text or anything that said congratulations?
JOSH WOODS: I mean even just on the field, like, Coach Foster and Jerry Azzinaro, like the other GAs that have been here, like, for those guys to be, like, finally, like, I mean even like the (indiscernible), it's just awesome to have that camaraderie.

Q. Josh, what went into the improved pass rush because it seemed like it was on a different level than any other game so far this year?
JOSH KELLEY: I think we dialed it up and executed. We just have been working all week on those and all that. Especially guys like Osa winning his one-on-ones, just being really aggressive. And just making emphasis to get after the quarterback and not just being so -- I say so static.

Q. You guys knew that they were starting a third string guy tonight. Did that change, maybe become more aggressive in that situation?
JOSH WOODS: No, because Stanford runs typical Stanford plays as far as we knew they were going to try to run the ball. We know they like their tight end personnel sets, all that stuff. We knew -- didn't matter which quarterback played, they were going to have the same game plan going into the game.

Q. (Inaudible) kind of put it away what did that feel like to basically --
JOSH KELLEY: You know, our offensive line is amazing. Tight ends, they fought hard. Receivers were blocking hard. That just makes my job easy. So I just have to go up there, do my technique, trust the coaching and try to rip one off.

I was kind of really upset about the one I had earlier when I got caught, I was like if I want to be elite, I can't get caught like that.

I told my coach, I was, like, if I get another opportunity I'm not going to get caught this time. So our defense was lights out. They were amazing. Pretty much our offense just kind of rode off of that. Definitely the O line, they were amazing.

Q. On that touchdown run, though, you didn't hit the hole. You bounced through that side. (Inaudible)?
JOSH KELLEY: Yeah, that wasn't supposed to be the read. But I guess we have some improv skills. But we just trusting what the offensive line did. They crashed inside. There was a hole out there bouncing it out. I just have to make sure I just pretty much scored a touchdown that way.

Q. Were you surprised at how well you were able to move the ball against Stanford's defense?
JOSH KELLEY: Their defense is amazing. They always have a great defense. With Coach Kelly and our guys we have, I really believe the sky's the limit for all of us. I wasn't surprised by the way our offensive line fought hard and receivers fought their tails off and tight ends were going crazy. I wasn't surprised at all by their effort, for sure.

Q. Coach said you guys have to go to class tomorrow. What do you feel like that's --
JOSH KELLEY: Man, I don't have class tomorrow. For us older people, the seniors, we're almost done.

JOSH WOODS: We don't have anything scheduled Friday.

JOSH KELLEY: Yeah, exactly. (Laughter).

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