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October 12, 2019

Myles Cheathum

Kyahva Tezino

San Diego, California

Wyoming - 22, SDSU - 26

Q. Myles, the first touchdown, the defense seemed to have a shutout possession. Do you feel like you built off the offense? After that sack, the offense scored a touchdown.
MYLES CHEATHUM: I think we both played off each other. It's definitely a team game. When they are doing well, it helps us. And when we are doing well, it helps them. I think obviously seeing them have some success definitely helped us and I think them teeing us have some success definitely gave them some confidence to play better, as well.

Q. For both of you, it looked like you were going to lose to a quarterback -- 14-3, two rushing touchdowns by the quarterback and then all of a sudden the second half you really turned it around and stopped him from running around you. What were the adjustments you made going into the second half?
KYAHVA TEZINO: There weren't really adjustments. We just had to play better. That's what Coach Long came in and the half and told us. We got to play better the calls is there. We just got to execute them. That's what we did, and we end up, I guess, holding them to like less than a hundred yards, I guess, the second half or whatever. It was a great game, and I'm just happy we came out with the win.

Q. As a defender, matching up with the quarterback who really just doesn't like throwing the ball, he had 14 attempts, and he really had about eight -- when you have a quarterback who is just, you know, running, as opposed to throwing, what's your mentality on defense? Do you hope he throws the ball or is gearing up for the run?
KYAHVA TEZINO: With a running quarterback, you never know what could happen because he could just run out the pocket and stop his feet and throw a pass. We've just got to contain, compress the pocket, and make sure he just doesn't get out of the pocket and we've got to just make plays.

MYLES CHEATHUM: I'd have to agree. Going into the game, our coaches did a great job preparing us for what we're going to see.

Your question prior, Kyahva touched on it pretty well. It's simple. Just play better. Give it 100 percent effort and good things will happen for you. It worked out in our favor tonight.

Q. How much did the crowd play a factor in the last drive?
MYLES CHEATHUM: Always. Always good to have crowd participation. We appreciate everyone that comes out every week. I believe we have one of the best fan bases in our conference and we're really appreciative and when they get going it helps us out a lot.

Q. Did you guys feel like coming into this game, you probably knew you were up there in the rankings in rush defense. Do you feel like you guys kind of had let up a little bit and you needed to hone in better in the second half --
KYAHVA TEZINO: We don't really like worry about stuff like that. We try not to think about where we're ranked and stuff. We just go out and play our game. They could have rushed for 300 yards -- the whole goal is to win the game. We'll fix everything on Monday.

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