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October 12, 2019

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

UAB - 33, UTSA - 14

Q. The two-point game in the third quarter then they pulled away. How did it change or how did it get away from you guys?
FRANK WILSON: I think when it was a nine-point game we get an opportunity to go for it, to still pick up a first down inside of the five-yard line. So we have fourth and one to get a first down. And then have four shots to get it into the end zone. We had struggled to go distance and so we wanted to be aggressive and try to get one to give us four more opportunities, and knowing that we were playing at that time solid defensively and they still would have to go 96 to score. We didn't get it. We didn't get one and they went 96. And that's not how we saw that happening.

So I think that was the turning point in the game that kind of broke the game open at that time. We were still learning how to win, how to finish, and we'll continue to work diligently to get it figured out.

Q. Did you feel like there were a couple of plays like that in this game maybe one or two things differently could have swung the momentum?
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, I thought it was a lot of back and forth emotions throughout the game. The momentum would swing from one side to the other. I thought -- you look at the difference in a year make that the gap was certainly closed but still not there, still not finding a way to get the win, but a much more competitive game that positioned ourself to take the lead, to make it a two-point game. We were poised and in position to do that on several occasions and just didn't find a way to get it done. I think we have to continue to work on building and developing our passing game. I think that's going to be important for us as we get ready for the next one and the ones that will follow suit, that we have to be able to connect when we have people open, we have to throw a catchable ball and when we have opportunities to catch it, we have to make the reception on those times.

Q. The other -- you mentioned momentum, the other big play was the running into the kicker on the punt. What did you see there, what was, did they give you an explanation on the call there?
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, I definitely thought it was not roughing, that it was running into. There were, we can control the things that we can. There were a couple of calls certainly that one. The one on the sideline when the guy was suplexed and the explanation given to me was, I didn't think he was intentionally trying to get him off the ground.

So, look, we can't control that. We only can do the things that, control the things that we can, those were critical. One would be five instead of 15, and the other would have been another one that was 15 that was blatant. And it was things that we talked about in pregame, that we had concerns about that showed up on the film.

So we'll continue to control the things that we can and better our team and fight through those, that adversity to position ourselves to win.

Q. You guys coming off a big win against UTEP and then having this game, what's the mood of the locker room as it sits right now?
FRANK WILSON: We got a big game. We got homecoming here against a very competitive although winless team in a Rice team that's trying to find their first one. So we have to prepare for a quality opponent in that team to perform at our very best to achieve victory. And so we'll acknowledge this one, we'll watch the film and correct those things and get prepared to play Rice. We don't have much time to let this one linger. We'll put it behind us immediately so that we can prepare to play a quality team that's had two weeks of preparation for us.

Q. What were the biggest challenges of getting more going in the passing game? Was there something that was missing for you guys?
FRANK WILSON: Exactly what I just said, that we have to be able to complete passes when we have opportunity and complete it when we do have opportunity.

Q. There was a record low attendance today. What do you have to do to get fans back here and believe in the program like you do?
FRANK WILSON: Well, we're going to control what we can. We're going to continue to work extremely hard. Our young men have worked extremely hard and that's all we can control. So we'll continue to do those things to put our best our foot forward, working hard. And certainly our appreciative of those who traveled with us on the road, the ones that showed up today, very grateful, very thankful for those that do. So we would like to see, and hope to see, more fans here for homecoming as we'll go out and compete and play to the best of our ability to bring home a win and make them proud.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the defense. I know when you look at the stats it looks like they really piled it on, but you guys were right there, the defense gave you an opportunity?
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, we had a couple of shot plays that we have guys in position and to take away the post throw or safety in the post and we got to make the plays. When guys are in position to make the plays we make the plays. So a couple of big plays there that gave them advantages when we had them pinned back on critical third down situations. We got better at the back end, they went back it again, and we Kelechi Nwachuku in the game. He had a couple pass breakups to deny that so we fixed it. But again we're playing a lot of guys who are still gaining game experience and getting better on our entire team.

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