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September 29, 2019

Ben Olsen

Harrison, New Jersey

Red Bulls - 0, DC United - 0

Q. Not the prettiest match, but you got partially what you needed.
BEN OLSEN: We're past pretty. We had a job to do tonight, to put ourselves in position next week. We did that. The guys gave a heck of an effort throughout. It's never easy. Their ability to sustain the way they play and deal with the 50/50s and the duels, the up-tempo game that they present is hard to kind of on your end sustain, if you're not used to that.

So I was proud of the guys going toe-to-toe with them in that category. I thought in the first half, there were some opportunities. Where as the game progressed, if we had a little more quality and exhaled after their front pressure, then we could have hit them and punished them for some of their aggression.

But that wasn't that night for us, and to get a shutout, with the help of a great effort from Bill, we wanted two big saves from him, and then another great performance from the back four. A lot of hard work from Junior and Felipe. So overall, a good point.

Q. Tough to lose Wayne.
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, kind of found that out. A little bit sauced. I don't know, could go either way, right. This is that time of year, if it can go either way, don't do it. Don't do it. You know everybody at this time of year is -- I thought the ref did a good job with that throughout the game, but that was just, you know, a little rush of blood to the ref's head.

Q. Maybe get a little scared when you see Bradley Wright-Phillips come in, given his history against you guys?
BEN OLSEN: Yeah, always. One of my, in some ways, he's just been a menace to us throughout his career. He's also one of the formidable players this league has ever seen. Just seems like a great professional and just a killer in front of the goal. Very well rounded. Again, I don't know what's next for him, but it's not fun to see him come in the game, no.

Q. Back to Bill for a second. How important is it he's one of the players that respects the rivalry and shows up? How important, the things that he did tonight, was that for you for getting the clean sheet again?
BEN OLSEN: I don't know if that was specific to playing the Red Bulls tonight, but he does seem to bring a little bit extra. He's been around a long time like me, and I think he's a little bit more romantic about it all like myself about this rivalry. Grew up watching it. Seems to bring the best out of Bill and we needed that tonight.

Q. Were you able to touch base? Looked like he pulled up a little bit with the hamstring towards the end of the second half?
BEN OLSEN: Bill? No, I think he's okay. Didn't see it. Hopefully he is okay.

Q. The substitution, Segura, did he seem to have a little muscle issue?
BEN OLSEN: No. We looked a little heavy. But again, they do that to you. There's no breaks, and it's back and forth, and there's not a period of lull where you can now get your legs back. And again, that's how they grind teams down.

So I thought the second half, we were down a little bit, but we didn't break. Proud of the guys. But no issues I think physically at this moment.

Q. Big picture, puts you in pretty good position.
BEN OLSEN: Right where we would want to be. Playing a dangerous team coming in. That's always a little scary. We'll have to take care of business to reward them -- to now have another chance. If you gave me that at the beginning of the year, I think I'd probably take it.

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