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September 21, 2019

Ed Orgeron

Nashville, Tennessee

LSU-66, Vanderbilt-38

ED ORGERON: Proud of our team. 4-0. On the road in the SEC, first SEC victory. Was everything pretty? No, it wasn't. But we kept on fighting we made some big plays we made some uncharacteristic bad plays and we're going to get them fixed. But open date is right there around the corner we're going to enjoy this victory and I'm sure I'm going to be feeling a little bit different tomorrow, but I'm feeling great right now that we won the football game. Something I'm really proud of. I thought our special teams played lights out. The blocked punt and they went to fake the, give us the on sidekick and Coach Mac was all over it. So I thought that he did a phenomenal job. I thought the offense did a great job. We shouldn't have turned the ball over, obviously it was bad handling on the hand off and on Clyde's part and Joe's part, both of them they got to get better on that. And we shouldn't have thrown an interception in the end. We gave up 14 points on turnovers. We were even on the turnover ratio. On the first drive we had a couple second team guys in there they jumped out of the gate, they made some big plays. For the most part we came in there and stopped the run. Then we got on defense, the three technique got out of his gap, they made a big play. But I thought that guys kept on fighting and as good win for our team.

Q. We saw Marshall on crutches, is there any update there?
ED ORGERON: Yeah, it don't look good for now.

Q. Divinity, coach?
ED ORGERON: I can't say. We'll see tomorrow but it looks pretty significant. A break or something like that.

Q. Jefferson?
ED ORGERON: He'll be okay.

Q. The points given up defensively is that a byproduct of the offense going so quick or do you feel like that's just the way it is now in these shootouts or are you pretty not happy with that?
ED ORGERON: No, we're not happy at all. There's the first drive we have a guy playing a four technique, he's got the B gap, he jumps in the A gap. We got a three technique, jumps into the A gap, goes in the B gap. So that had nothing to do with the offense. They run the bubble screen, we miss a tackle, that has nothing to do with the offense. We can't make any excuses about tackling, blocking and tackling and fitting our gaps and hopefully getting some guys healthy. We need to get Lawrence healthy, Logan healthy, we're basically played with our second team D-line out there right now.

Q. Does that affect how you judge a game like this when you're judging the line but so many guys out?
ED ORGERON: We're not making excuses, we got to put 11 men on the field and they got to fight like Tigers. There's no excuse to jump out of your gap. If a guy gets over powered or something like that and he's not able to do it physically I can understand that. We got to be more disciplined than that. Doesn't matter who is out there, next man up. You never know when your time is to play, you got to perform.

Q. The opening drive were you disappointed how you came out?
ED ORGERON: Sure, no question. And again we had Justin Thomas in there who never played. Neal, just because of a family illness he had to miss two days of practice so he wasn't ready to start. And then we started Joe in there and Tyler had to, missed Tuesday's practice, so he couldn't start. So then we put those guys in and kind of stopped them.

Q. The injuries y'all have and improvements you want to make do you think the open date is --
ED ORGERON: I think it's perfect. We're not going to hit much next week. We have a regular open date just like we have had every time we are here. We won't have the Tiger Bowl until the next weekend, but we have three good days of practice, the guys are going to have off Sunday and Monday, we'll come back to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, they can go home for the weekend. Come back Sunday night at 10 to get ready for Utah State.

Q. You talked about tackling before. What were your thoughts today?
ED ORGERON: There's some different drills I'm going to start doing in practice I talked to Dave about. There's some specific stuff we have to get better at. Especially in the open field tackle. We knew this running back was pretty good. For the most part I thought we tackled him okay. The open field tackle is the ones that we're missing, so we have to do more open field tackling drills live and that will start next week.

Q. What's it like to coach a team, your offense just seems to be so overwhelming, you fall behind 7-0 and it's 28-7 after the first quarter.
ED ORGERON: Yeah, feels good. I mean you know, again, I have a lot of confidence in our offense. Now tonight there was some protection issues, there was some -- when you win you can pick everything apart and obviously winning the game is the most important thing -- but there's some protection issues that we have to go over. I thought those two young running backs ran the ball well. We still need to get better running the football. Miles came in and did a good job. We can't throw that pick at the end and can't have the fumble.

Q. Ja'Marr, can you talk about his day?
ED ORGERON: Well, I said on the head set, I said that's called recruiting. We knew he was an excellent player. He was committed to Florida, we fought, we got Mickey Joseph the credit, he went down there and fought and had a great relationship with his parents, and we always felt that he could be that type of player. Proud of him.

Q. Baskerville the two huge plays he made.
ED ORGERON: Yeah, hey, you remember that Michael was the defensive 5 A Player of the Year. So we felt that he would be a good football player and he just took a little time to develop, but what a day he had today. Very proud of him.

Q. Did you leave Joe in a little bit longer than you wanted to?
ED ORGERON: Yeah, we thought that maybe in the third quarter we would get a drive and then take Joe out and give it to Myles. But they kept on scoring and it was just a little too tight. But I'm glad we put Myles in when we put him in. And again, we don't want to get Joe hurt at all. He doesn't want to come out. If he wanted we would have left him in for the fourth quarter, he would have put a hundred on them. We didn't let him do that.

Q. The pace that you guys were scoring at under two minutes, I mean it kind of spoke to it a little bit first quarter, how do you feel like the offense is whenever it's rolling like that and?
ED ORGERON: I want it to continue. Score. Go score. Be aggressive. That's our mentality, we're going to be aggressive we're going to go get it, we're not slowing down for anything.

Q. Does that help you out whenever an open driving like that happens that you can come back quickly hike like that?
ED ORGERON: Sure, sure. I thought it gave our guys some confidence in the first quarter I don't know if they stopped us one time. There was some fantastic plays being called fantastic plays being made, our receivers were wide open on one-on-one and making big plays so it was fun to see.

Q. (No microphone.)
ED ORGERON: Well there was -- I thought it was a fantastic play. The young man has played phenomenal. I don't know how many catches he's given up but it ain't many. He played tighter coverage against Northwestern State and poked two balls out of there. So our team was happy for him, we're happy for him and I think I think there's many more to come.

Q. You pulled Christian early, in some early stretches for Kardell.
ED ORGERON: I thought Christian had a good game he had a bad play that he missed that tackle, that was just one bad play. I saw him holding his shoulder so I didn't want him to further risk another injury, so I wanted Kardell to go in. But we do believe in Kardell, I do believe he's a good player.

Q. Working him on the same side of the field with Stingley sometimes is that part of the game plan?
ED ORGERON: That's man, that's corners, that's all it is. When you see that that means the corner's over.

Q. You mentioned the running game, Clyde's big run. What were some of the changes you had in the offensive line to open those things?
ED ORGERON: I think it was just a matter of staying with the run game, guys picking up the different stunts that they were giving us up front. They did a good job.

Q. Six touchdown passes by Joe. There's been seasons here where the quarterback through haven't the whole season. What does that number mean to you, six?
ED ORGERON: First time you telling me that, that's good. I think that there's more to come I really do. I think that Joe is a fantastic player, he has a fantastic coach, Steve is a great coach, we have a great plan and as long as we can protect the quarterback we're going to make big plays here at LSU and I expect that.

Q. When you go into the locker room after a game with so many points for the offense and some corrections on defense, do you get a sense from the defense that they feel like they're getting bailed out every game?
ED ORGERON: No, no, no, we play as a team. No. We win as a team. 4-0. I told our guys we're 4-0. We play as a football team here. There's none of that. No way.

Q. Is there anything you saw in Joe today, he was under more pressure today got hit a lot more.
ED ORGERON: Yeah, willingness to make plays with his feet, very smart, I think that Joe is a tremendous football player especially when he's under pressure he's going to make the play and I do believe he's going to protect the football for us. So I'm excited about it.

Q. You said there was, it seems like that they played really well through stretches of the game and then there's just drives where it's kind of big plays and then you get gashed a little bit. How do you develop more consistency there?
ED ORGERON: You talking about the defense? I said it again, you got to stay in your gap. If you stay in your gap has nothing to do about being tired. Being disciplined. Tackling has nothing to do about being tired. There was nobody that was being tired or being gassed out there. I thought it was a nice cool day, we practiced a lot hotter day. Guys are in good shape. So there's no thinking that the offense is going fast or we're being tired, there's none of that. There's no excuse for that in the world.

Q. They said there was 32,000 fans here today how many were LSU fans?
ED ORGERON: Seemed like 31,000 for sure. Hey, I was so happy when we came through our Tiger Walk on the road. I mean the guys are waiting for us it meant a lot to us and when they start screaming LSU it seemed like we took over that stadium, I was proud of our fan base, I'm glad they showed up for us today.

Q. What happened on Clyde's fumble? Was that a bad exchange?
ED ORGERON: Yeah, we'll talk about it, it wasn't a great exchange, he didn't have his hands in there well, we might have should have been in the pistol and we put it in the gun, we got to talk about it.

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