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September 13, 2019

Les Miles

Boston, Massachusetts

Kansas - 48, Boston College - 24

COACH LES MILES: First of all, I'd like to say, Steve Addazio's got a really great program here. So doing a great job with a good team. Five of the last six years in a Bowl game, is that -- I just want to make sure I'm correct. Our football team felt terrible after the loss, and wasn't something that was easy to get rid of. They had a vision of a day like today and they -- it hurt to lose that opportunity with the -- with the last club we play.

So they went to work, and the coaching staff, comeback off of, you know, the weekend that you just had and prepare, you're going to have to sellout. There's no -- there's no holding back, and they did. Proud of them. I think the coaching staff did a great job. That's -- those things are going to happen more regularly with our program and at a great school like Kansas. I can't tell you how happy I am for those kids.

Yeah, what a -- if anybody wants to know why a guy would come back, college football, this night tells you how important college football is.

Q. Down 10-0 out of the gates and to see your guys respond and didn't slumped their shoulders.
COACH LES MILES: Yeah, you know, I don't think -- I don't think in any game that we've played they have slumped their shoulders. I think that they are telling us that they could take more and they want more. I think they are committed to being best team they can be.

Q. Going into halftime, were you going to tell your team it was 0-0, your team pitches a shutout and you win the second half big. Obviously they took your message at the end.
COACH LES MILES: Yeah, I think this team wants to be something special. Now, you know definitely -- the bye week. NCAA rule -- I told the team that after we won, the plane -- someplace here in Boston and go out on the town. (Laughter) so I might not be able to come through with that (Laughter). So I don't know quite where that sits.

And speaking of the athletic director, he's the one who said, yeah, that's a good idea about the plane.

Q. Carter's play tonight, he was --
COACH LES MILES: You know what, if he had done that two weeks ago, I mean, he just -- that's him. That's him. That's who he is. And throw that first interception out, and now let's go, and I think he can do that. So I think there's some competition, certainly, in the quarterback room with him.

Q. Congratulations on the win.
COACH LES MILES: Wonderful for the players, wonderful for the coaches. That's why you come back.

Q. What did you attribute the offensive turnaround to?
COACH LES MILES: I think we're in the -- in the RPO world a little bit more than we've been. I think that that benefits us.

Q. When you have the quarterback lowering his shoulder and running on defenders, blocking on runs what does that do for an entire team?
COACH LES MILES: Well, it shows everybody that he cares as much as they do, and when you put your body at risk for your teammates, they -- they recognize that.

Q. Are you okay with him putting his body at risk?
COACH LES MILES: Yeah, there's some things I would like back.

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