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September 7, 2019

Frank Wilson

Waco, Texas

Baylor - 63, UTSA - 14

FRANK WILSON: We'll come back on Sunday to fix those corrections to better ourselves and to prepare to play the next opponent. The reality was we didn't do anything very well in any aspect of the game, offense, defense or special teams. I thought our opponent got the better of us in all three, and you attribute that to a very, very quality, talented, well-coached football team in Baylor. They're a good team, and I think they'll be a force to be reckoned with in their conference this year as they go along.

But the reality was we just didn't tackle well. We didn't play pitch and catch well. We didn't block well. And we have to be -- we have to do those things to be competitive in this type of atmosphere.

Q. Is there a silver lining in the fact that you go back to work tomorrow with these guys and say, we've still got a lot of work to do?
FRANK WILSON: We've got 10 weeks of a season ahead of us. Again, we don't look to point fingers. We win, we score, and we fell second, and that's what happened on this day. And so we'll own it. We'll get better from it, but nobody will feel sorry for us. We have a very, very talented Army team that will be in our arena on Saturday. We need to fix these corrections because they'll try to exploit the things that we didn't do well today and get ready to play the next game.

Q. Is there anything you learned about your team today that you might not have known before?
FRANK WILSON: You know, I thought we fought. I really do think our guys gave an effort until the very end. I don't think we executed well. I think the execution was not there, again, weighing too many missed tackles with guys free. You make a call, a guy is in position to make a tackle, and a quarterback, a tailback breaks five, six tackles. We need to fix those things. We call a play and the guy is open and the guy hits him in the head, he has to catch it. We have to do those things under enormous pressure, and this team applied pressure today.

Again, I think they're a very talented team, and the truth is they were a better team on this day against us.

Q. Do you think Frank needs to be a little bit more patient in the pocket?
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, he still has some growth. We saw it in the first game, and the difference was at times even in week 1, he had enough to run away from that team, and this team their foot speed was something that you could not be indecisive with. You had to be -- make a decision, be decisive. You have to throw it or run it or nowhere in between, and we didn't do that. But Frank will be fine. Again, this is his second game in three years. He needed this game. He needed the speed of this game to get him back to par. I think he'll learn from it. We've learned from it, and we'll grow from it.

Q. Did you consider taking him out of the game at any point earlier because the game was out of reach?
FRANK WILSON: Not necessarily. He had to play through it. I think he is our starting quarterback; he has to go through those growing pains. When the game was out of reach, even at the back end, we still wanted to be able to get him in some type of rhythm on a positive note. I thought he ended it that way and got the next guy in to get some meaningful snaps that we may have to go to at some point. But Frank is our starting quarterback right now, and we'll be patient with him in his development and we move on.

Q. What were the challenges to try to slow their offense?
FRANK WILSON: We've got to tackle them. We didn't tackle well. It wasn't that they ran GT pull, they ran counter; they ran the plays we practiced. I wish I could tell you they did something totally different that we were blown away by schematically, but that wasn't the case. We just have to execute better.

Q. Were they faster maybe than you thought?
FRANK WILSON: Oh, I know they were fast, yeah. They've got about three guys on their team that run down there, nationally recognized on the track team. Those guys are 45 400-meter guys, 10.5 100-meter guys, so we knew they were fast.

Q. Your secondary was tested, especially with Mims, the way he played in that first half. How do you feel they fared? Was it him just simply being a superior athlete or were there things you could see that need to be improved?
FRANK WILSON: I thought we contested all of them. We were in position, we contested them. He won his share. The long ball down our sideline we had a guy in position, he got elevated a little above him and came away with it, and then on the slant the safety needs to be a little lower and disrupt that, but he caught it and was able to score the second time.

But again, I don't think it was a schematic thing. Guys were in position to make plays, and he's a very talented player that will play on Sundays, and he made those plays.

Q. How much of a challenge (indiscernible) performance last week and what you saw today?
FRANK WILSON: You know, I think that you put them in there in their place. I think after that game you acknowledged it, it was that game, you put it in its place, knowing that you had a monumental task in this Baylor team. I think you go through this game, you lick your wounds, you put it behind you and you prepare for an Army team that's going to come in here looking to run the ball down our throat. We don't have time to contemplate all of those things. You've got to get ready for the next one because it becomes the most important one.

Q. What did you see from Sincere obviously on the two touchdowns? He was the silver lining today. What did you see from him?
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, I thought he ran the ball well. We have to continue to try to create creases for him, and that happens with our communication up front. But I thought when there were opportunities when creases were there, he took advantage of it and ran the ball with good velocity and speed and was able to score two touchdowns throughout the duration -- I thought he ran hard and I thought he was eager to play all the way through the end of the game. As we started getting other guys involved, he wanted to continue, so that's a good thing.

Q. Is there any other silver lining that sticks out to you that you can take away from this game as a positive?
FRANK WILSON: That we continued to play to the end and we didn't lay down. Even when it was ugly, guys were not just on the field walking or quitting. They out-executed us, we did not execute well, but our guys continued to play. Outside of that, not much to be excited about.

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