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August 26, 2019

Les Miles

Lawrence, Kansas

COACH MILES: To be very honest, I'm thrilled about our captains. I think the one thing that you do when you -- as a team, you vote for and confirm the best leaders -- what you're doing is you're telling the coach that you know who this room is and who they're led by. And I think they got the exact right guy. Those three people would be Bryce Torneden, Hakeem Adeniji and Kyle Thompson.

And so really great leaders. So looking forward to the opener. There's some -- Coach Mallory and Coach Miles have been on the same team at Michigan years ago. He was a linebacker and I was an assistant coach. So there's a memory and fondness of that Mallory club.

They have a number of sons that Doug coached with me. Mike, I rooted for, Curt. And their dad's name is Bill. Bill recruited me and was a wonderful man. Questions?

Q. Curt and (indiscernible) impressions --
COACH MILES: I absolutely do. You betcha. We were playing a Tennessee defense where they could play Curt right behind the nose tackle, and Curt could go right and left. And he was -- and that's really a vague memory, but the one that gets me most.

Q. This morning you said that you guys were contemplating the possibility of playing two quarterbacks in the opener. If that's the direction you guys end up going, I guess, just what are the advantages to that?
COACH MILES: Different skill set. You put a guy on the field that can throw it, run it. You put a guy on the field that can throw it, run it faster, and there's some things you do with those guys that we haven't done thus far. So we're looking at that.

Q. Do you feel like there's any kind of disadvantages that come with rotating quarterbacks?
COACH MILES: Absolutely. Yeah, what you want to do is give every rep you can to the starter, right? The good news is we've been in this rotation for some time, and it's allowed us to look at and verify over time who the best quarterback was and/or is.

So you weigh the differences in getting somebody all the reps or really defining who the best quarterback is.

Q. You mentioned one of the guys is faster. Who is faster?
COACH MILES: I can't tell you. I'd have to shoot you. (Laughter).

Q. Speaking of quarterbacks, you're going to face a good one in the Sycamores, a guy that can run, throw. Just talk about their quarterback, their great finish of last year and what impresses you about this team?
COACH MILES: Well, they were in a five-game winning streak. And they've done a great job. The quarterback is the leader, if you will, and has the ability to throw the ball and he does and can pull it down and run. So he's the trigger man and he's pretty talented.

Q. How are you guys holding up injury-wise? Is there any concerns about your guys?
COACH MILES: Yeah, there's no soft-tissue injury that will prohibit our guys from playing in the game, or for that matter, any hard-tissue either. So our health is good. We've got to get to -- these game weeks can be physical as well.

Q. I just wonder how much can adrenaline factor in this week? You guys have been waiting to play a long time; coaches waiting to get out there a long time. Do you have to talk to your guys, whether they're young or old, about maintaining maybe an even keel and then saving it up for Saturday, or how do you maintain that?
COACH MILES: You described that very much like you said. There's a point in time where you gotta get to the field, okay. And there's nothing that you can do until you get dressed out and ready to play in the game.

And I think you make a great point. I've said that several times that we would be so excited that we would need to back down and walk a little bit more slowly.

Q. Do you like to see that, though, that enthusiasm?
COACH MILES: Heck, yeah. Much rather say, whoa, than, giddy up.

Q. Speaking of excitement, can I ask a question about the motivational wall, some interesting things on there? Do you and your coaches want just have the players read them or do you discuss them point by point?
COACH MILES: Yeah, we go through, in a manner that allows me to point at something that I may have just seen, like the Miami-Florida game, which if you watch the back end of that game, there's a wonderful lesson in there that you can pull right off the wall.

And, so, yeah, we do that semi-regularly. In other words, I get to it when it strikes me and it's pointed.

Q. Your particular inspirations, developing these types of philosophies and sayings, do you have any particular favorite motivational authors or speakers or personal mentors that help you develop these ideas?
COACH MILES: I didn't put those up there. Did I tell you that my team did? That was team-authored. It was encouraged and discussed with me. But that's them. And they realized basically that they want to be a dominant culture, okay.

And you can see this piece. It's significant. And they want to be and can be very special. And I think that that -- I think that speaks to that.

How about this, how about the one -- I don't know exactly where it's at, but we're different since we came through that door. Oh, what a wonderful piece to say. And they are.

Q. Les Miles Game Week, is it different traditions, superstitions, anything you've done over the years? Do you only eat salad on Wednesday and different socks on Thursday? Is there anything different you'll do this week?
COACH MILES: What is the schedule runs the week. I mean, what did I do yesterday that was necessary? I had to go to the stadium with Coach Self and Jeff Long and talk to the freshmen. I've done that. I think I'm going to talk to the band here pretty quick. I've kind of done that.

And then there's this press conference. Kind of doing those still. And so my point is the schedule kind of tells me what I'm doing, and that may well be the superstition that you're talking about.

Probably my superstition would be taking the field with the team. And if you watched our practices and if you watch our games, there will be a white line that separates the field from what would be anything in the distraction of the perimeter.

And I'm happiest after I've prepared a team, they're ready to play, and I get to take the field with them. So if I have a superstition, then that would be it.

Q. You have Jamahl Horne listed as starter at kick returner on the depth chart. Curious, what have you seen out of him out of there and what have you seen out of him since you took over?
COACH MILES: Toughness, great speed, low 4.4s, really pretty special. Ball skills.

Q. You talked about the emotions a little bit, the management of your guys. What do you think yours are going to be like being back on the sideline after a couple of years in a real game?
COACH MILES: I've done this before. So there will be some recall, but I'll enjoy it. There will be -- I think it's an honor. Any time you take the field you represent a really quality football team and a group of men that have really sacrificed to put themselves in a position to play really quality football, big-time come-after-you football. And I think that's what will happen.

Q. Kyle Mayberry was listed as a starter at cornerback over at Co Harris on the first depth chart. Can you talk about what went into that decision and what you like about Kyle Mayberry and what you need to see from Co?
COACH MILES: I think Kyle has had a really good camp. I think Corione Harris is also going to play a lot of football. So I think it's a -- I think it's certainly a decision, but I think it's also one that revisits after games. But don't get me wrong. Kyle's had a very strong camp.

Q. Two of them -- first one, I didn't see Malcolm Lee on the depth chart and he had an offseason --
COACH MILES: Yeah, he's not on the depth chart this moment. So when he's eligible, we'll certainly include him.

Q. And from people I've been talking to, that have talked to you, they have said that you're having a lot of fun just being around the football team coaching again. Has this been a lot of fun?
COACH MILES: Yeah, I think -- it has been. I enjoy people. I enjoy the ability to help serve and it's fun. And it's a -- you should listen to their music. It's really interesting.

I allow them to tie in over there and play it in this room until I get back. And when I get back, I get to listen just a little bit and then it's time to go to work. So things like that are really fun.

Q. Your sons never played on the same high school team, what's it been like to have the Miles men all together with you as the head coach and them teammates playing for their dad?
COACH MILES: Well, balanced with the view of the team and that they are teammates and my sons, kind of -- you know, there's some complication. You know what I mean? You want to kick them right square in the butt, and then you're thinking about it, and suddenly it's mom, a picture of mom shows up, and you think maybe I shouldn't kick him right square in the butt.

But the point that I'm making is I'm seeing him and seeing them more regularly and it's a joy. They're fighting like hell to compete on the team. They want for the same things that the team does. I enjoy coaching them.

Q. On the depth chart, looks like the left side of the line is fairly settled but the left and right guard have the "ors" next to it. How is that competition going?
COACH MILES: I have to be honest with you. I think our line is going to get comfortable in that spot. And I think that there's -- I think competition is -- I guess what I'm saying is I think those guys are talented and they're going to play a lot of football.

Q. You also have a battle at kicker. Can you just tell me how that's going and what you're looking to see out of those two individuals?
COACH MILES: Well, both of which are talented. It's very close. I would think that in this season that it's likely that both could play. And Liam Jones has been a firecracker and just knocking the tar out of the ball. And we're getting great specialists play.

Q. Is that a position that you have to evaluate that in game to see how they handle pressure situations?
COACH MILES: Yeah, we've given them a couple of pressure situations, and it doesn't compare to being where you're at on the field.

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