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August 17, 2019

Bruce Arena

Harrison, New Jersey

NY Red Bulls - 1, New England Revolution - 1

Q. Your thoughts on the group, figuring out a way to get out of here with a point tonight?
BRUCE ARENA: I think probably a tale of two halves. The first half was an absolute miracle we walked off the field down one goal because we were thoroughly beat in the first half.

Second half, we competed better. Made it a game. Certainly a big bowl by bow and we hung on. But they -- you know, they put so much into the first half, and all honesty, they ran out of gas a little bit in the second half.

Q. What kind of tactical adjustments were you able to make?
BRUCE ARENA: Compete. For whatever reason, our guys didn't step on the field and they weren't prepared to compete. Who else do you blame? You just blame the coach, right? Yeah.

Q. What did Zahibo (ph) add when he came on in the second half?
BRUCE ARENA: A guy that's comfortable on the ball. Could deal with the pressure and the physicality that they were throwing into the game, and especially in the middle third of the field. He did well there. Our back line played a little better for sure. Our goalkeeper made a couple good saves as he usually does.

Q. How important is it to get a night like that from Matt Turner tonight?
BRUCE ARENA: It's important. Any time this time of year you've got a point on the road against a conference open, it's big and probably a good lesson for us to get us prepared for these last eight games. We have though chance of making the Playoffs if we played like we played in the first half. Perhaps it's a good lesson for us.

Q. I saw you jotting down some notes in the first half?
BRUCE ARENA: Yeah, I wrote a book a year ago and I just started a new one (laughter).

Q. Was it tactical? Just your observations of what you needed to change?
BRUCE ARENA: No, we were trying to figure out how to put a couple players on the field and that's all I was doing.

Q. The last couple of games, you've been able to rescue a point from a trailing position on the road. Does that say something about your team?
BRUCE ARENA: Yeah, that's big. I think, you know, all teams, even on -- if you want to be a good team, even on a day when things aren't going well for you, if you can compete and get a point out of the game, that's invaluable. This was a big point for us today.

Q. Are you learning as much from these types of results to be able to come back and draw from the earlier results?
BRUCE ARENA: Yeah, we're learning more about our team. We are still relatively new to these players. We don't know them fully. We haven't been put in these situations before. I don't think the franchise in the last couple years have been in games that now have become very meaningful towards the end of the season. It's a lesson for everyone, and hopefully we can learn from today and be better the next time out.

Q. What have you seen in Juan Agudelo? What did you see when you came in that maybe led to that decision?
BRUCE ARENA: Well, you know, looking at our roster and where we have players positioned on the field and how to utilize all our players best. You know, there's other spots that obviously Juan can play, but I think Juan is among our best ten field players. We try to get him on the field.

Q. What did you see on the goal?
BRUCE ARENA: I don't know, who pushed Bou through? -- as usual. I don't know, I couldn't -- obviously from the level I'm at, couldn't see the position of the center backs, but I think it was Aaron Long trying to chase him down, or was it Park? I don't know. But he got through. The timing must have been perfect, and to finish that play off obviously is big for us.

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