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August 3, 2019

Greg Vanney

Harrison, New Jersey

NY Red Bulls - 2, Toronto FC - 0

Q. You guys had a number of good scoring chances in the first half and hit the wall in the second half. What do you think happened?
GREG VANNEY: Yeah, I agree. With all the good chances we had, we should have come away with at least a couple goals, but we didn't. And the second half, I felt as -- I knew they were going to, and we knew, at the half, they were going to try to extend their pressure a little bit more and be more aggressive.

The first half they were very passive and I think we were really able to play through them and create opportunities. The second half, they were a little bit more aggressive. Yeah, I thought we looked a little bit slow to, work for each other, to get into good spots for each other.

I think things became very random where guys were just moving into just random spots on the field and we weren't able to find some of the good combinations and some of the relationships that we were doing so well at finding in the first half.

I think could be fatigue playing a little bit of a role as time wore on, but again, I think we continued to find -- be a little bit more random. Forced into two subs. Nick's hip was bothering him, so had to bring him off, which was unfortunate, because I thought he was playing great.

So we go with Richie up there just to try to use some of his speed and his wiggle to continue to create problems for them, and then Chris was cramping up and was physically struggling. I thought our two centerbacks got off of being on the same page in the second half and started to become pretty individual, and I think maybe fatigue had something to do with that, but we've got to get reconnected defensively.

Yeah, and then the third sub on the road, get Nicholas in a game and see what he brings to the table and how we're going to use him as we move forward. Yeah, it was kind of a tale of two halves in some ways, and they took advantage of their opportunities in the second half.

Q. The fact you did have some really good scoring chances in the first half, does that mitigate your frustration level?
GREG VANNEY: No, because for us, it's about playing a complete game. I think our last few games, we had some very good first halfs. Been able to get ourselves leads in some of those games, in most of those games. But the second half, it seems we need to continue to maintain our discipline. Maybe just adapt a little bit based on the opposition changing their way, but not get random and try to, again, this is kind of my comment a few weeks ago.

We physically have to get everybody to the same page because I feel like guys are still cramping. Guys are coming back from injury, still are not getting through 90 minutes clean and when it forces you into subs, it limits what you can do to try to adapt. But you can also see some of the relationships on the field go a little sideways when I think guys are getting a little bit tired. That's one of the keys. We've got to use this period, even though we have five games in 15 days, we've still got to get guys the appropriate rest and push guys forward in a physical way so that we can be a little closer to playing a complete game.

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