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July 14, 2019

Domenec Torrent

Harrison, New Jersey

NY Red Bulls - 2, NYC FC - 1

Q. The AR pointing to the corner, your team reacting to that, can you fill us in from your perspective, from your team?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: I think it was the team -- they played much better, especially in the first half and we can't score more goals. That is the first one. The second one, we make a mistake, and we know they play the long balls, when they recover the ball -- the Red Bulls, they are dangerous when they don't have the ball. When they have the ball, you can control this team. But when they don't have the ball all the time, they play fast, they play in the middle and we knew that. After that, congratulation to (inaudible) because he wasn't great, because he negated Connor, and we had anticipated corner -- what happened everybody else, we are not ready because when they decide it's corner, we are ready for the corner. They play fast because we know that. They play fast when they recover the ball -- but today, I'm so sorry for the soccer, because it's not fair what happened in this game, I'm so sorry. Sometimes I don't like to talk about the refs, but impossible, don't talk about the refs tonight, and everybody knows what happened. You have a doubt, you can go see the TV; it's clear. But it's indicated, two seconds -- and what happened after that, maybe it's our mistake, but it's not easy once they corner and you are not ready for the corner.

But after that, I think we play much better, especially in the first half. We create two or three opportunities to win the game. But the soccer, I say many times, it's not about if you play much better than the opening because they play always in the same way and they get the results all the time, and congratulation, Red Bull, it's the first one, congratulation. I'm very happy for Chris, especially for him, and okay, we have to be ready for the next game. It's not easy to play here after 11 hours on our flight, because we have many problems in Orlando.

But I think we compete really well against the Red Bull.

Q. What did Alan Kelly say to you? What did he say?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: No, no, I didn't say --

Q. No. What did he say to you, the referee, anything?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: No, nothing. I say, you make a mistake and you know that. But he knows that. He knows that, hundred percent, you have to review the TV if you want. But it's clear, it's not just one second. It's two seconds, so when my player ask him, say it's a mistake -- after that, we made the mistake maybe, but it's not easy to defend because if you know it's corner because -- it's not easy to defends that.

But that happened in the second goal. If you will ask me about the game, I am happy. I think we played the right way especially the first half. The game is not over because they played with intensity on balls all the time. When they play on balls -- you have to defend really well, okay. And we decide to win the next game and we decide to win the next game against Red Bull.

Q. Is it surprising that you to the referee overruled the lines man's decision, given the lines man is right there to see if it's a throw in or a goal kick or corner kick?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: It's very important.

Q. Is it surprising to you that he overruled that?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: This is a mistake. They know. He decided the game. I said to him, you decide the game and you know that. You decide the game. You are not brave. You decide the game. What is the reason why? Corner, maybe he make a mistake, maybe it's not corner, I accept that. But when they say corner, two or three seconds, and say my player is corner, is a mistake. You have to say to the referee, say, oh, it's corner for me, and the result -- it's not the result. They take the ball and you know what happened after that.

That is not an excuse. It's the reality, boys. That happened today, here in the Red Bull Arena, here tonight, not ten months ago. And that happened because we have to improve. We have to improve. I have to improve, but the refs does, as well. It's important for MLS, if you want to get the next set, it's about the refs, as well, because he decide. Look, tonight he decide the game.

Q. The referee issue, it looked like you were trying to frustrate the Red Bulls tonight and it looked like you were planning on closing down the flights from bringing the ball up -- was that the game plan tonight?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: No, we complete really well. Even our fight -- inaudible -- it was unbelievable. They compete really well. It's not about tiredness because it's not an excuse about that. It is what it is. Sometimes I don't understand anything about this -- because look what happened, L.A. played two days after the game, but I don't -- I don't -- it is what it is, but I'm very happy because even so, they rest seven days and we rest two days and we compete really well. I'm very happy with the players. They say many times, I'm very focused, because it's true. I don't say all the time, I'm very proud, no, sometimes we don't play -- we don't play well. Especially the last two, three games, Orlando, what happened tonight here. I say, okay, you have to, maybe we could score more balls in the first half because when you have -- when you are so close to score, you have to, you have to take in your hand this game. After that, look what happened, one mistake is penalty, 1-1.

The second half is not controlling the game, you know, they attack, we attack, and okay, but we'll be back stronger and we'll be back again 100 percent.

Q. In the first half, the front three, a lot of players changing positions. Did you guys get away from that in the second half? Did they make adjustments to take that away from you? What changed in the second half?
DOMÈNEC TORRENT: No, we were still playing the same way, believe me. Sometimes it's not easy. They are pressing in the second half, even in the first half, but maybe we make a mistake because in the first half, we played -- on the side, the spaces on the other side. We realize many games are about Red Bulls, and everybody knows the way Red Bulls plays, it's pressing, cover the ball, play fast, defend the side, especially the upside. We want to play the same way, but sometimes -- and after that, when that happened in ten minutes they score, in the last ten minutes, they played fighting in the back, 5-4-1 and we decided to play with five strikers -- the first 15 minutes, he played well but the most important thing is I believe in them right now, because my feeling is much better than, I don't know, two months ago. They know when I say play wide, or we will play 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1, and that is good news for us. The result is 2-1 and we played much better.

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