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June 11, 2019

Bruce Arena

Harrison, New Jersey

Revolution - 3, Red Bulls - 2

BRUCE ARENA: It was a great team effect tonight and if we walked away tonight as losers I would have been really proud of them because I think the performance from the opening minute until the end was outstanding and I think we deserved to win the game.

Q. Teal had the arm band tonight as well. What have you seen in terms of leadership qualities from him and what do you think about the response?
BRUCE ARENA: I think you guys probably know him better than I do, having been around him a lot longer. He's a very good player and a great individual and when you take over a team in the situation our team is in, you need people with character and he is certainly that kind of person and he's been a large part responsible for the team regrouping and trying to be more competitive and a little bit more successful. So I'm real pleased with the two weeks I've had with this team.

Q. Speaking about character, Turner had an amazing penalty stop to prevent at least a two goal --
BRUCE ARENA: That wasn't a penalty? Yeah, it was. Yeah. So we overcame -- I personally believe it's a sending off -- so I think we overcame a lot of obstacles tonight and really responded very well and we're very deserving of this win.

Q. Went with a pretty first choice group, is that kind of a product of the circumstances with the break and you being still new to the team?
BRUCE ARENA: I'm not sure that's a -- we have two pretty good players we didn't even bring here tonight in Gil and Penilla. So we're learning these players and Zahibo hasn't played much and we thought in training he looked good and deserved a chance. He's a player of a lot of quality. I think that the guys that came in off the bench, Bye did a good job and Delamea in the second overtime did a very good job -- and I'm a little bit brain dead right now trying to think of our fourth change. Everyone that came on did a good job. At the Tajon Buchanan. They all did really good jobs and we're getting to know these players, so this isn't quite our first team, but a number of them, so it was good, it's good to see them play and we're learning more about these players each and every day.

Q. How different is the team perspective on this Open Cup on this run as opposed to in the past when you might have not gotten --
BRUCE ARENA: I don't think it's the end-all, but any competition, any coach with any team you want to win. I've never not said I didn't want to win Open Cups, but I think tonight was challenging because the Red Bulls had a game Saturday in Philadelphia so they have to make decisions on what's in the best interests of their team and I think that's the case with everyone in all Cup competitions. So tonight we were fortunate, we were a more rested team and that may have been a factor in allowing us to get through the extra 30 minutes with 10 players.

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