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March 10, 2019

Evan Fitzner

Zach McRoberts

Juwan Morgan

Bloomington, Indiana

Rutgers - 73, Indiana - 89

Q. Juwan, feel much better, final game here?
JUWAN MORGAN: I don't think so. Just coming out with the win, I think it was as good as it could have been just going out the last time on this court in front of all these fans.

Q. Over the last three games, Devonte has had something like 71 minutes and only two turnovers. What do you guys think the biggest difference has been from him the last three games?
JUWAN MORGAN: He's just really taken an approach by himself, really demanding from himself to make simple plays. I think he's really seeing the court in a better vision and just making all the right plays. He's not trying to do anything that he doesn't do in practice and I think you're seeing the product of that on the court.

Q. Evan, you've been around the block a little bit. What's changed for this team since that loss at Minnesota?
EVAN FITZNER: I think one of the big things is we picked up our intensity in practice. You know, I think every day we're competing right now and when you do that, the game seems easy, so I think that's been a big thing. I think we felt not like our backs were against the wall a little bit, and we responded the right way. So it's been good.

Q. Zach, what's it meant winning here, what is the significance for you to have a chance to wear the jersey?
ZACH McROBERTS: Just having the opportunity to put this jersey on, I know what it means. I think you're from here, you grow up here, you know about Indiana Basketball. Everybody either loves them or hates them.

I think it's just so special being able to play here, being able to play Assembly Hall, being from here just hold a special place in my heart for it.

Q. For all of you guys, you've had your backs against the wall a number of times this season. Going into the Big Ten Tournament, how important is it that you've been able to thrive in those situations?
JUWAN MORGAN: I think it's just on us. Everything we want is in front of us and we just have to take one day at a time, one game at a time. We're focused on getting better from today and taking that to tomorrow and so forth and to the Big Ten Tournament.

And I think all the guys, they are not really taking any days lightly. Any day would be could be the last day, we never know. That's exactly how we're playing.

Q. Also for you, Juwan, you obviously had the opportunity to leave after last year and made the decision to come back. Had you not come back, what would you have missed out on?
JUWAN MORGAN: It just brought me a better understanding of what I need to do as far as being a leader going forward, with I'd say half the team being if you guys and being able to guide those guys in the right light and expanding my game. You know, you can never get too good. Just each day, getting better and better going against different guys each day. Going against these guys, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Q. Evan, the key to winning four games in four days, what is that?
EVAN FITZNER: I think at this point, it's toughness. You know, everybody -- every team knows what every other team's running. Everybody's good in this league. I think one of the things it comes down to is just is toughness in your approach every day as a collective unit. You can't have two guys that are not totally bought in, and I think this group has done a great job of that. You know, everybody, the walk-ons, the freshmen, the whole team, everyone's bought in right now, and I think we're a dangerous team right now for sure.

Q. What impresses you about Juwan both as a person and as a player?
ZACH McROBERTS: What do you think? (Laughter).

I think the way he works. His leadership, his attitude. He's a competitor. I think that's in everything he does. I think that carries over to off the court, too. I think he wants to be the best in everything he does and guys see that and it's contagious. He's been a great leader and I appreciate everything he's done for us.

Q. Hitting your first ten shots, that's not bad, but one moment I saw right at the end involved Zach, it was a loose ball, he was alert to it, tipped it to you with a two-hand dunk. That's the kind of thing Zach does. Talk about that a little bit.
JUWAN MORGAN: You know, it's just something that people have to be there to see. You know, you can say Zach hustles and all, all you want but if you don't see it, you won't really appreciate it and I think that's just what he does with his team. He just brings a different level of toughness and his grit to the team, and he makes plays like that all the time, even in practice. You know, like I said early in the season, he's the guy you'd love to have on your team but hate to go against and I think that just holds true in everything he does.

Q. Juwan, what's changed about the way this offense has operated?
JUWAN MORGAN: I think it's just a different focus on the offensive end of the ball. Just really taking a mindset to running our things and making it a point of emphasis to get inside, even if we have to go into a ball screen or what have you to get there, just moving the ball and moving ourselves, I think all ball movement is really important for our offense to be successful and I think we really took those things and ran with them.

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