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February 15, 2019

De'Ron Davis

Bloomington, Indiana

Q. Coach was saying on the radio the other night that you have a loud voice, a louder voice maybe. Have you made an effort to bring some confidence to guys to maybe right the ship?
DE'RON DAVIS: Yeah, I've been trying to compete every day in practice, now that I'm healthy and, you know, able -- I feel like, you know, me going at guys in practice and just being a loud voice in practice is helping our team get better and I feel that's what we need, we need an environment where we compete all the time and I feel like we compete hard against each other, you know, there's going to be anything to compete against someone else. That's what Coach Archie always stresses to compete and work hard.

Q. They have a freshman center you'll be concerned with, what do you see from him?
DE'RON DAVIS: Honestly, this whole week we've been prepared -- preparing. We all just been focusing on us, and you know, trying to get us off the ground. Today is a day we go over them and worry about what they are trying to do but I play my game regardless. My team, we are going to come out and execute the game plan at the end of the day.

Q. On that note, what's gone on the last two seasons, how do you make sure the younger players have the right mindset when times get tough?
DE'RON DAVIS: I try to bring a positive note to everything. Not every day everybody wants to practice or be out there but if I come in with energy -- the first drill we have is -- I take it upon myself to give the guys and whatever team I'm ongoing in whatever aspect -- object if the team starts off losing, practice is usually going to set up for a good practice because we're going to be competing the whole time. Honestly I'm trying to focus on being a loud voice for us in practice on a competing standpoint.

Q. So you're trying to make sure that you're not the one running --
DE'RON DAVIS: Yeah, exactly -- especially after we have a long game, you know, this whole week and you know, with a lot of practices leading up to the game, you know, practice can get pretty intense so the less running we do, the more we can win and the less running we have to do at the end of the day.

Q. How can you keep up --
DE'RON DAVIS: Well, like I said earlier, you know, me just getting -- taking good shots towards the basket, not forcing anything and hitting the open man. Like I said my teammates have been doing a great job being locked and loaded and ready to shoot, so you know, as long as they were hitting the shots, the ball going to keep coming out.

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