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December 19, 2018

Archie Miller

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 86, Central Arkansas - 53

COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Start by saying that -- how devastating it is to hear the news about Terry Hutchens. Our basketball program has been covered by him for I think 21 years. Since I've been here, he's been sitting there in that seat every day, covered our team, covered our kids. He's been a terrific person to us.

So our thoughts and prayers go out to his family right now in this time of recovery hopefully some positives can come out of this but just really, really hard to take that news.

Terry has meant a lot to Indiana Basketball and we are thinking about him at this time.

THE MODERATOR: No one will sit there the rest of the year, just so you know.

COACH ARCHIE MILLER: As for tonight, our guys got the win. Didn't start the game very well, clearly. They got 19 points off on us, and we weren't ready to start the game, and sometimes that happens, you know, sometimes that happens coming off of a big win, a thrilling win like we had. But I thought we were able to manage that and get back.

I thought Devonte played a big role in the first half for us and the second half we were a little bit better, especially in one stretch where we were able to correct our ball screen coverage on their front court. Their front court ended up hitting I think five or six threes. We were able to switch that up with a certain lineup that helped.

And then 25 assists clearly we had some guys being unselfish, and all in all, it's a win. We're going to watch the film and we've got to get back to work, very concerned right now defensively in terms of our three point field goal defense and how many they are making in the last three games, and that's got to get corrected here as we move into Saturday.

Q. You talked about Devonte, and what update there may or may not be on Rob, but how important is he doing to be in terms of playing with that confidence on both ends of the floor?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: He is a huge part to what we are doing and his defense. He hasn't had a great shot at it, the month of November he was hurt and he's had to play his way into games and I was happy for him to be able to bust some shots.

I think that's one thing that's than been frustrating for him in games, he hasn't been able to make good ones, and he's work really hard on his shots. He does a lot for us with he's engaged and playing well you see that stat line he had tonight, he does a lot, nine defensive rebounds, I think he had six assists, four steals, and he clearly had a heck of a night for us.

We're going to need him to step up. I don't know what Rob's situation is, he's in concussion protocol, and so you know, from my standpoint right now we're planning on having to be without him for a while and Devonte obviously slips right in.

Q. You guys have four or five turnovers in the first five minutes?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Yeah, really careless. We were really careless. Like I said the first half, we weren't ready to go. We almost looked like we were winded starting the game almost and the standing around, the one-hand passes, just the -- you know, not detailed, and you know, we got through it and I thought we played a better game after that but clearly the first four minutes our starting unit get off to a great start on either end of the floor.

Q. Seems like the turnovers are one of a few common themes to the slow starts. How do you go about fixing those?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: You've got to be -- you've just got to beat it into our guys' heads how important it is to take care of the ball. The last three or four games, a lot of empty possessions and a lot of it is trying to go on your own and get away from things. To start the game, trying to get going, trying to do something, so it's not there, and again, just we've got to be better there.

And then, you know, 12 turnovers we finish with, which is fine, but you know, clearly the slow starts and some of our starts problematic definitely stems from our offensive execution and just being able to take care of it, so it's a big concern.

Q. Romeo's double-double, 11 rebounds, five assists, good all around game?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Good all-around game for him tonight. You know, he rebounded well. He shared the ball really well and obviously he got his -- he got his numbers in and around the rim but very complete game by him and he's going to need to continue to be that way, especially rebounding for us. He's got to give us another added weapon on the glass, both ends of the floor.

When he's able to get a couple second shots, it's big and then the way he can rebound defensively, that's a big thing for our team because we are not the biggest team at times out there and we are going to play against a lot bigger teams.

Q. His three-point shot has not quite gotten there. Is that the final step from him?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Yeah, it's something that all young guys go through when you get to college. It's not easy. The shots that you take on, it's not easy to get, especially for him, he's being hounded pretty good, almost every game. Just concentrate on him taking the ones that he knows he can make and that he works on every single day and we can go from there. A lot of guys have started off one way and finished really strong. I think he'll be that way.

Q. How nice was it to be able to get guys like Jake and Clifton some minutes tonight?
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Yeah, just by mere circumstances of our competition and the games that we've played in, it hasn't been what it was and I think deem is going to get back in there. I think Clifton and Jake should both continue to find ways to keep getting better. I was glad they were able to play tonight. Always good for them.

But I see some guys not getting as many minutes as we get into Big Ten play having to play with foul trouble and injuries. Yeah, I was glad we were able to play everyone.

Q. A third score has been something you guys have been looked for on a consistent basis and Justin Smith has really stepped up in the last several games.
COACH ARCHIE MILLER: Yeah, Justin did a good job. He was on the offensive glass for one and on transition he really ran and got out and showed obviously his finishing ability.

Juwan is Juwan in and around the basket. He is who he is. And you know, that third scorer is always going to be by committee with us. I always feet that way. Tonight it was Devonte. He was able to get out there and play and have an added weapon.

Al has been that guy for us. Evan has been that third guy are to us, as well. It's going to be by committee. I think the more guys we play that are playing balanced minutes, the more guys in the stat sheet, all about the same, can't be a one-two punch and not have your other guys being able to take advantage of the plays that those guys can make for you, as well.

Devonte is obviously a veteran. He's got some capabilities to step in there and help us offensively for sure.

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