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December 2, 2018

Tommy Sweeney

Boston, Massachusetts

THE MODERATOR: Now we have Tommy Sweeney. Questions for Tommy.

Q. Better than Detroit?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Different than Detroit. Like everybody said, we'll play anywhere. Texas is a great spot, Dallas is cool, Cotton Bowl is a very famous stadium. I think we played in the Cotton Bowl '85, got a win there, so we have tradition there. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Q. Chris talk about getting that eighth win that hasn't been accomplished in a while. Is that something that's on your mind, too?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Yeah, it's the only thing, really, and the game is 25 days from now, 24, that's the only thing that matters. Working together for a couple weeks now and we got that great opportunity to do so.

Q. Could you have being imagined a better week, First-Team All-ACC, Senior Bowl, playing in Dallas, Texas, of all places?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Yeah, it's pretty cool. A lot of cool things happening, very thankful for that, individually and for the team. Worry about the Senior Bowl stuff after, but right now excited to go get this chance to win an eighth game here with the boys and finish this thing up at BC.

Q. Ever been to Dallas?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Yeah, I think I played an AAU basketball tournament there when I was in high school, but I didn't see much of it. I heard it's a pretty cool city, so want to check it out.

Q. Do you like all that other side stuff that comes with the bowl games, like what you did in New York? Like the trappings, I guess, of the bowl games, not just playing in the game?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Some of it's pretty cool. I remember in Detroit we saw the Ford Museum, New York City, obviously running around the city is a cool thing you can kinda do. It's cool stuff.

Q. What's the best bowl gift you've gotten?
TOMMY SWEENEY: Best bowl gift? Good questions. Last year we got to go to like a Harmon Electrics, which is pretty much speakers and stuff like that, so I was able to handle most of my Christmas shopping there, so that took a load off there.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else for Tommy? Thanks, Tommy.

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