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December 2, 2018

Will Harris

Boston, Massachusetts

WILL HARRIS: How you doing?

Q. Kind of like an exotic opponent from a far-away division you probably thought you would never play against?
WILL HARRIS: Right. Like Coach just said, we're just happy to find out finally who we're playing and get a chance to go out and get our eighth win and compete at the highest level. So obviously Boise State, they're a good team, got a lot of wins under their belt, and they play a lot of good football, so we're really excited. We just got the news today, a couple minutes ago, so we're ready.

Q. I asked about the chance to get an eighth win, something the program hasn't done in a while. Is that on your guys' minds coming into this one?
WILL HARRIS: It means the world to us, because it's our next game. For a lot of us, especially, my fellow seniors up there, means our last game putting on a BC uniform. Means the world to us and all the years that culminated up to this be point. It's going to be really special, it's going to be really special. Our job is to prepare as best we can for this game and to come out as mentally and physically prepared as possible.

Q. You have a poker face. You guys were just chillin' here 15, 20 minutes ago. How did you actually find out? We were all together, and you were keeping a secret!
WILL HARRIS: No, I think everyone else knew before we did, even though we were sitting right here. Like Coach said, we finally got the information and we knew we were playing, where we were playing, who we were playing. Now it's time to get to work.

Q. Talk about getting the word on the Senior Bowl. Must be a pretty exciting weekend for you. How did you react to getting that news the other day?
WILL HARRIS: It is exciting, it is exciting, a chance to go out and compete. Some guys around the nation, especially with my teammates who also got invited as well, so that was exciting. At the same time my priority is looking forward to this bowl game and getting prepared for this bowl game and making sure we have the senior leadership and we're prepared for this game.

Q. You guys excited to be in a warmer environment this time around? There was a feel that you guys were cheated out of that last bowl win because of a frozen field?
WILL HARRIS: No, we'll play anywhere. It doesn't really matter. It's our responsibility to come away with the plays that we need to make to win games. So whenever that doesn't happen, that's on us.

We've never blamed it on any exterior factor. We'll be ready for this one and can't wait. It's going to be exciting.

Q. Do you have any memories with the Cotton Bowl, Boise State, the Statue of Liberty play specifically?
WILL HARRIS: I was a lot younger when I saw that the first time. But, yeah, they got a long history of making big plays in bowl games. It will be very interesting to finally get the film on them. I've never seen Boise State on film, just here and there on TV, every once in a while, so it will be interesting to break them down on film and get going on those guys.

Q. A lot of the senior leadership has come from the defensive backs, going back to Justin Simmons and up to yourself. Is that something you think about? Did you learn a lot from those guys that you can bring into this?
WILL HARRIS: I did, I did. I credit those guys all the time, every time I talk to them, and I'm appreciative of those guys and everything they've taught me on and off the field, as far as technique and leadership on and off the field. I feel like that's been my job, especially as a captain, that's been my job from day one.

I don't plan on switching up any way I go about it, just plan on attacking each and every day as hard as I can. Trying to lead that team in the best way I can, just like I've done since day one.

Q. During the bowl prep period we hear about the offense, lots of trick plays, creative plays called that are may be in the works. Is there more creativity that you can add to the defense as well?
WILL HARRIS: We have a multiple defense so we can touch on a lot of things. Again, we haven't gotten to the film yet but once the coaches start to break down the film and we get into the Boise State weeks, we will be able to draw up some stuff and, you know, see where our match-ups align in the near future, when we breakdown film.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Will.

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