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December 2, 2018

Chris Lindstrom

Boston, Massachusetts

THE MODERATOR: Chris Lindstrom. Questions for Chris?

Q. How do you feel? It's an opponent you never thought you would probably see in a college football game, and now it's reality for you. What do you think about it?
CHRIS LINDSTROM: I'm excited. It's a great opportunity. I'm excited that we have the opportunity to play in a bowl game against a great program like Boise State, playing in the Cotton Bowl. It's going to be a great venue and excited for our team to get their eighth win and playing against a team you don't see on tape, and you don't see the teams they play, so it's going to be interesting and cool bowl prep that is different from what we've been doing all season so looking forward to it.

Q. Give us the state of the offensive line. You came through all 12 games healthy. Where are you at right now?
CHRIS LINDSTROM: We have a great room. Everyone is healthy and working with each other and trying to develop the young guys right now, so as an older guy, I know Baker and Sam and Aaron, guys who are leaving are trying to push the younger guys along so they can have a great team in the future. That's what we're trying right now to do as a room is develop those younger guys so they can be great BC offensive linemen and carry that tradition on.

Q. Your thoughts of getting to the Senior Bowl and having a 14th game season? What does that mean to you?
CHRIS LINDSTROM: I'm very excited. Blessed to have the opportunity to play in that game and a tremendous opportunity and thankful the guys on our team are going to be there. First, before that happens, I'm trying to end my BC career, and as a senior class trying to do something special here and get our eighth win. Hasn't been done in a while, and that's something we have set out to do this season, so we're looking forward to it as a senior leadership, and as a team, and me personally, to go out there and attack this game and attack this bowl prep.

Q. The idea that you can compete in the ACC, does that make you feel like you can compete with anybody?
CHRIS LINDSTROM: We play in one of the best conferences in the country, but there's great teams everywhere and Boise state is one of those teams. We haven't been able to see the tape, but I think they're 10-3, and that's a lot of football games to win, so you've got to be a great team. To come in every week in and out like that means you're a special team.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Chris.

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