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November 24, 2018

Kyahva Tezino

Juwan Washington

San Diego, California

Hawaii - 31, SDSU - 30

Q. Do you want to talk about what happened there in that overtime?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: You know, we just went out there tried it do our best to convert it. We just didn't capitalize, so --

Q. What do you think was the reason for deciding to go for (two-point play).
JUWAN WASHINGTON: Had a lot of momentum coming in. We were at home. Figured, just go for it.

Q. Did you feel like you were in your group there? Obviously scoring on the first play of the overtime period, or do you think that it was, like you said, the right decision?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: You know, any time the coaches call a play, that's the right decision for us. We just went out there and tried to execute. Just didn't get it done.

Q. Can you talk about on the defensive side, how you guys were doing? Obviously you hunkered down in the second half, and they gave up most of their points in first.
KYAHVA TEZINO: Like Juwan said we came out with momentum. You know, all the underclassmen, we felt like, just come on, because this is the seniors' potentially last game. So that's what we was really trying to do it for, trying to come out for the seniors and try to get a win.

Q. Looking ahead, where do you think the team is at now? Obviously this is a tough loss, but how do you feel with another game potentially?
KYAHVA TEZINO: We're good. I mean, we just got to keep building. I mean, a loss is a loss. It happens. You win some, you lose some. We just got to keep building and we have to take this momentum next year and we'll see if we're in a Bowl game.

Q. Can you talk about Ryan coming in in the fourth quarter? Christian played well but then Ryan came in --
JUWAN WASHINGTON: You know, just whoever is up, that's what we preach on our team is make plays, and that's what Agnew did when he came in. He just made plays for us. And no matter who is in there, somebody is going to make a play for us, get a chance to win a game. I just think that's what he was doing.

Q. Can you talk about, obviously they had a lot of passing yards tonight. What led to that in the first half and what changed?
KYAHVA TEZINO: As a team, you know, we knew that they were going to come in passing the ball. We knew that they were a high percentage team of passing the ball. Our DBs they wasn't trying to give up deep balls. Obviously they gave up some deep balls, but that was the whole plan not to give up deep balls and their plan, soften coverage -- I mean, you know, after you keep going throughout the game, you're going to get comfortable and you're going to test up also (ph). As you can see, second half, we started hunkering down, and stuff started going our way. We just couldn't finish.

Q. With obviously not getting the result that you guys wanted, what do you think is the message going forward, just being composed as a team?
JUWAN WASHINGTON: I think just we had plenty of opportunities to win this game, so going forward, we just need to see what those plays were and try to get better at them as we move forward because every game we've played in and ended up with a loss, there were opportunities to win the game. We just have to figure out how to keep those from happening and just get better.

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