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November 17, 2018

Gary Patterson

Waco, Texas

TCU - 16, Baylor - 9

GARY PATTERSON: Well, we've got one left. Third team quarterback, third team running back, lost two more offensive linemen, lost another linebacker. We're up over 40. We've got one left. I told them, I'm just tired. They can celebrate, I'm tired.

Q. With all that you just mentioned, how the heck did you guys win this?
GARY PATTERSON: I don't know. TCU. The kids fought.

Q. How proud are you of --
GARY PATTERSON: I'm real proud of them. Yeah, we're down over 40, almost half of our scholarship guys, over 40 guys. O'Shea Rawander (phon) and Sanderson are out, probably out for the season, Austin Myers went out, quarterback went out. We're going to have to find a way to win. That's what we're going to have to do next week.

Q. How do you think Grayson handled himself?
GARY PATTERSON: The biggest thing is we played to win, we didn't try to move, didn't do more than what we needed to and played good defense. That was the formula, good formula. It helped us get where we needed to get to. Good, bad or ugly, we tried to screw it up a couple times, but I'll tell you this much, I really like Matt Rhule. He's a class act. I really like him. I think he's a good football coach. I think they've done wonders at Baylor. I like the way their kids act. All of the above. I really like Matt Rhule. I think he's one of the good guys. I think he's one of the good guys, and I think Matt Rhule is one of the good guys in college football. Simple as that.

Q. Your offensive line created some running lanes today, and they really helped you guys win this game the way they were blocking.
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, the second half we finally did. We didn't start the game off -- we lost a cornerback because we didn't block nobody.

Q. How was the run game then?
GARY PATTERSON: When we got into things and doing all of it, it was -- that was the difference in the ballgame. We were able to get 1st downs, shorten the clock enough going into the fourth quarter. It was a big -- the big run by Demercado was a big one to get the 1st down. Then Grayson for some reason, screwing up on -- two times he was supposed to hand the ball off. I don't know what he was doing. But we moved the ball far enough on the punt where we kept them far enough back that we had a chance.

And our kids played hard. We had Ben Wilson had to play, Ty went out. We used -- Tre Moehrig is finding out more and more it's hard to play as a freshman. Outside of all those things, I mean, our kids just found a way.

Like I said, you're down to your third tailback, you're down to your third quarterback, you're down to your third set of offensive linemen. You know, L.J. and Ben came on again, had a good day. Ochaun Mathis, I talked about him. It was great to get him in the rotation. That gave us another speed guy off the edge. I think he had a sack. He won't be able to play next week because that was his fourth game. But he helped us get to that point.

Q. What did you think of Reagor's 65-yard touchdown --
GARY PATTERSON: Oh, Reagor stepped in on kickoff returns, stepped in on punt returns, stepped in on about everything that you can step in on. You know, he's really matured since the first of the year. You know, you go through this where you think you have to catch a certain amount of balls and you have to do certain things and do everything else, and the bottom line to it is you've just got to win, and then the game just takes care of itself. And we're learning as a football team to do that. It's like I told them yesterday on Friday, we did walk through at the beginning here and when we walked out of the walk through on Friday at the indoor, everybody was chatting, laughing, blah, blah, blah. Now it's down to about 10 percent. When they start getting focused and they understand how to grow up and that's what we've always done at our place, I hope we'll keep winning ballgames. So for us, took quite an effort to come here against I think a really pretty good offense. The kids played hard. We did what we needed to do. It was a great call by son any come by on the 4th down, by the way. The reverse was -- I mean, he fooled me.

But you know, Jalen made everybody miss on the jail bridge screen, on the tunnel screen. That was about -- and then we run the ball and got the 1st down, so it's basically Pro Wells helped us -- won't be able to play next week because it was his fourth game. But we got ourselves to that point.

Q. When you say those guys' -- emergency situation, or --
GARY PATTERSON: No, are you kidding? You can't redshirt. Nope. So that's two more down. Basically over 40 guys out of your 85 scholarships weren't playing in the game today. We found a way to win.

Q. Were you out of running backs?
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, we were down to one. We've got one. We're down to one. And we're down to one for next week probably. And I'm not playing running back. Not unless they block better. They're going to have to block a whole lot better for me to play running back.

Q. The start of the second quarter you end up having to call time out before the play. Why did you have to call a time-out?
GARY PATTERSON: Because they came out with a different grouping than what we thought they were.

Q. Paid off, I guess.
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, again, if you're going to win a game on the road, I told they will we were going to have to get three or four takeaways, and we got three, I think. It was good to see Tre Moehrig making plays, it was good to see Coop making plays. Both of them are redshirt freshmen. And then we stopped them on the 3rd down and 4 where they had to punt it and we got in that same grouping, and we showed up -- we actually got in a defense they had never seen before, so it was good for us. You know, sometimes you get lucky. I mean, again, like I told you, I really think Matt Rhule, I think their group has done a great job. Really like him.

Q. There were two plays defensively that you dialed up, I think Jawuan got the first sack and then Ridwan got the second sack. Is that something that you had seen during the game?
GARY PATTERSON: West Virginia. West Virginia game.

Q. You mentioned Ben; how disruptive was he, four tackles for loss, had a couple sacks.
GARY PATTERSON: I don't know. Obviously seniors, gave up a couple plays on some things. Actually the quarterback scramble was his. He was supposed to come around and take the quarterback and he didn't. But yeah, he had a couple sacks, tackles for losses. He was very productive.

You know, I'm just proud that these seniors have an opportunity at home to win another ballgame possibly to go to a bowl game. That's what you're trying to get now. I mean, that's all you want is a chance. We get a chance to do it at 7:00 at home against a really good -- we've got a good Oklahoma State team on offense especially, so we've got a lot of work to do.

Q. What did you think on Collins? Was it serious?
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, I don't know. But I'd say doubtful.

Q. Was the second one unrelated --
GARY PATTERSON: No, one was not -- they were knocked down. I'll have to see it. I'm not sure -- I've just got to see the play. I'm not sure it was a late hit, but we'll see.

Q. From your perspective, the pass interference, is that just a technique thing he needs to hone in on?
GARY PATTERSON: He needs to not let the guy run by him. Yeah, don't let him behind you; how about that? That's a hard technique to understand when you're up by seven. Yeah, that's a hard technique. I mean, it's like... and we're doubling. The problem was we were doubling him. He's supposed to be playing outside press with the inside safety doubling him, and we let him behind us. How about that one? Even better. I'll save that conversation for tomorrow because I want to make sure they can celebrate. Me, I'm going to bed when I get home.

Q. You probably answered this earlier --
GARY PATTERSON: That's all right. For you I'll answer it.

Q. Usually it's the other way around. We're waiting --
GARY PATTERSON: Oh, I see. Okay. Sound like my wife. It's my fault. I apologize.

Q. Overall what did you think of how Grayson did?
GARY PATTERSON: He managed the game okay. Except for those two out of three plays on the last drive where he was supposed to hand the ball off, he was acting like there was a pass play and there was no pass to it. There was a handoff. I don't know what he was doing, but it wasn't what he was supposed to be doing.

Q. But is that the best you can ask for, to manage a game, especially --
GARY PATTERSON: Yeah, he's going to get a chance in about seven days here to do it again.

Q. Has Jawuan Johnson been everything you expected?
GARY PATTERSON: Well, without him we'd be in a lot of trouble, to be honest with you. We'd be in a lot of trouble right now if it wasn't for Jawuan Johnson because you've lost Ty, you had to move Garret outside. Your starting linebackers at the start of the year, they're not playing linebacker anymore.

Q. Sonny has taken a lot of heat this year from the fans, and today it seemed like he called a pretty darned good game.
GARY PATTERSON: You know, our fans, like any other fans, that's why I told them, I said, in about five years here, the medium of wins when we came here will be about 50. That's when I'll be about tired of what we need to do. It's hard to win ballgames. It doesn't matter what situation you're in, where you play, it's hard to win ballgames. We've become spoiled in this situation. This team had a -- that was a gutsy win today. You want to know what kind of heart and what this program is about, you just need to watch that ballgame because they're really -- there wasn't any reason why we should have won that ballgame today, to be honest with you. Kids played hard, we got a couple breaks, but they never quit fighting, and went about his business. It's coming off the largest point total loss we've ever had at TCU last week. But the kids didn't quit last week, they just got tired. And you played a top 7, 8 team in the nation that's playing really well. I mean, so what do you do. If Oklahoma State doesn't win tonight -- have they already won six?

Q. They'll be at five.
GARY PATTERSON: So it'll come down -- possibly come down to next week if they don't win tonight that whoever wins will go to a bowl. That's what it'll come down to. Welcome to the Patterson saga.

Again, I'll tell you the other thing, too, I really like the way the crowd, atmosphere, everything. I thought Baylor did a great job. I already said that about Coach Rhule and their staff. I like their kids. They've got some good players, and I thought the crowd, everything was -- it was a great game day, period.

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