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November 13, 2018

Antoine Wesley

Lubbock, Texas

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Antoine Wesley?

Q. Antoine, you probably expected this, but to see your name in consideration for the Biletnikoff Award, what is does that mean to you?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I guess you could say I feel like I did my part for the team. I definitely feel like I worked hard enough for it, so I want to see what I can do with it more.

Q. Do you see a potential for that type of recognition for these other receivers in a couple years?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, sir, definitely. I can even see T.J. winning it next year, pushing through it and, you know, making him want to be the best he can on the field and off the field.

Q. Antoine, that first year where you played one game or kind of played a snap with Texas Tech, did you foresee something like this? How long did it take to you feel like you had a season like this in you?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really I just trusted the process. I knew my time was going to come, but you never know when it is, but thankfully it was this year, you know, I just took it and ran with it.

Q. The biggest thing that you felt you improved on in your game, weight training? Working through tackles? What's the biggest thing that's helped you?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really at the top of my routes when I'm running, making sure I played something different to it. As I run my route, I try to do dance moves at the top of it.

Q. Overall, can you speak to what Ja'Delon has meant to you and helped you throughout that process?
ANTOINE WESLEY: J-High is definitely like my older brother. I go to his house all the time, and he's over at my house all the time. We talk to each other a lot and my freshman year he helped me out a lot because I thought I was going to play but ended up redshirting to the end of the season. I'm definitely happy for him to be in my life. He definitely is a big part of it.

Q. Where did the nickname Tweezy come from?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Back when I was a kid, a child-like kid name. But I guess you could say, Chris Brown, his was Sea Breezy, and I used to dance a lot, and I got my dance moves -- got it from him.

Q. Who is a better dancer, you or Chris Brown?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I think he got me, he's a better singer, too, but I think I could give him a little run for it.

Q. I was talking to Vasher a couple of weeks ago. He said you do one move where you roll your body. He told me to ask you to do it. Do you feel comfortable doing it?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Oh, yeah. Probably talking about this. That one. (Laughter.) Probably talking about that one, yeah. When I first got here, you know, that's the one they always wanted to see.

Q. He likes that one?
ANTOINE WESLEY: He loves that one.

Q. Coach Snyder, known for writing letters to the players of the teams he plays. If you could write a letter to anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you say?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Probably -- I would have to go Chris Brown; want to see him on the dance floor. He's a cool guy, him, Drake and OBJ. They're cool guys to be around. I like the swagger, so hopefully I get to meet him one day.

Q. Should we expect blonde tips coming soon?
ANTOINE WESLEY: No, that's all B.J. He got it.

Q. Can you speak to the influence that Coach Jones has had on you and what he means to you as a coach?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Coach Jones, like I said, he's been a part of my life, as has Coach Kingsbury, but Coach Jones is our position coach, so we see him more, and he's always been hard on me but I know it's always for the good. I thank him for that. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here.

Q. Coach Kingsbury was talking about how you're a guy that comes to work every day and you're intentional about everything you do and you work hard and keep your head down but you also like to have fun. How important is it to establish that balance?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really I think about the seniors, the ones that's been here before us, and I want to do as much as I can for them to make sure that we can get a bowl game and extend their season and just do what I can do for my team.

Q. Antoine, going into this season you had 137 yards for your career, and now you have 1,347. Why do you feel like you've been able to make that big of a jump in such a short time?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Like I said, trusting the process. I used to talk to Kiki all the time, and he said my time was going to come and I just had to be patient. I just shot at it, so I'm happy. I'm thankful for God giving me blessings and it's awesome.

Q. Is it also a confidence thing where once you have a couple of big games, you feel like that you can do this on a week-in and week-out basis?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Well, you know, football is played like, totally different. You never know what's going to happen, so I never underestimate my competitors. I always go into it like he's really, really good. I just have to play on my toes, as always, and never be on my heels.

Q. Assuming you don't get hurt in the next couple of weeks and have a regular game, you're going to finish highest single season total outside of anyone besides Michael Crabtree that's ever played here, and you actually have an outside shot to catch him. What would that mean to you?
ANTOINE WESLEY: It would mean a lot if I could -- just being close to Crabtree, he's one of the legends in college football. I definitely looked up to him. He had like 1900 yards in one season, 22 touchdowns, that is, like, a season that you would want to have.

I strive for that. He's the best. I hope I get to pass him, because records are meant to be broken, but whatever God gives me. If he says slow it down, I will slow down for him.

Q. Probably a lot of Tech fans might want you to slow down in terms of this next question: I was asking Kliff the other night, is Antoine at the point where he could be potentially an early entry for the NFL draft after this season? What are your thoughts?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Right now I'm focused on Kansas State right now. I will talk to Coach King about that after the season. We'll see.

Q. You mentioned wanting to get to a bowl game for the seniors for them to go out on a high note. Is that something and you and your teammates have talked about and voiced?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Since day one. Fall camp, spring camp, we always want that extra game because you feel like you don't do as much if you have just a regular season.

Q. Is that something you have talked about the last couple of days, getting back on the right track and finishing the season strong, or was that discussed?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really it starts in practice. After the Texas game we definitely were like, we've got to get back on our roll, because we know we can be who we want to be when we are on the road. I feel like we're going to be okay.

Q. Specifically what are you working on this week getting ready for Kansas State?
ANTOINE WESLEY: We know they are is disciplined, they run a lot of cover four. They've never really changed. But making sure we're doing the little things right. We don't want to hurt ourselves by penalties, don't want to push ourselves back, we want to keep moving forward.

Q. You mentioned the penalties and holding yourself back. How do you guys work on that in practice? Coach Kingsbury a minute ago said you can't fine them, because you are student athletes, it's not an aspect for it. How do you internally penalize to fix that problem?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I think it's how we did today, we had a message, but I feel like we've gotta come together as one and focus up more.

Q. What areas do you think you yourself can exploit the Kansas State defense?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really just containing my guy, keeping him blocked, making sure he's not making the tackle and making the plays that they give me.

Q. Does your role change from -- what Coach Kingsbury wants you to do, does that change from game to game or is it similar from game to game, or does it change?
ANTOINE WESLEY: No, not much, because I trust everybody else that's on the other side, like T.J. Vasher. You'll never see us switching sides unless it's a now call or something, but they trust everybody else like they trust me, and I trust my teammates as much as he does.

Q. You guys have won at OSU, TCU, different places. What do you like? Do you like going on the road? Is that something you like facing as a competitor?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, I love going into somebody's house and beating them there. It's definitely a good feeling. I don't like when people come to my house and beat me here. It's definitely not cool, but, you know, we have to work on that, too, but I like going to other people's houses and telling them, hey, we can do this on the road, too.

Q. Do you like pumping up your own crowd or is it better to silence everybody else's?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I like silencing everybody else's. I sometimes catch myself silencing my own crowd. I don't know why I do that. It's just something that happens, I guess.

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