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November 10, 2018

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

FIU - 45, UTSA - 7

Q. Last week you talked about trying to get the guys inspired, how that was missing in the most recent game. Did you see some of the same issues in this one?
FRANK WILSON: I did not. I thought our team played much harder. I thought we flashed at times, especially from a defensive standpoint. We tackled well. We forced punt situations, which is dramatically different from when an opponent goes down the first six possessions or so like they did a week ago or so and score. That wasn't the case. I thought our defense played hard. I thought our offense sputtered, continued to sputter, but I never thought our guys quit.

You look at the very last offensive play, the very last special teams play, the very last defensive play, and you see guys still out there competing. They're kicking the PAT. We're attempting to go after it and get it. So I do not think it was the same display of effort or enthusiasm to try to achieve victory as it was a week ago.

I know the scoreboard doesn't indicate that, but a much more competitive game on this Saturday.

Q. Did you get a chance to check on DJ? How is he doing?
FRANK WILSON: Not well. He's not doing well. He'll be out for the year.

Q. How would you evaluate his performance at the quarterback position, and what went into the decision to play him the whole game?
FRANK WILSON: The decision to play him the whole game was one that allowed us -- we felt was our best opportunity in the back end of the season, where if we're in position and the game is in the balance, you're conscientious of the development of the room as a whole, and so what we were not going to do was play a guy for snaps for sport in his development. We were going to play the guy who we thought could handle the situation, has been in these situations. Meanwhile we allowed the other's progress to continue to develop. It was good to see at the back end how Bryce Rivers jumped in, and we'll have to count on him in coming weeks, as well, as we unfold the back end of this season.

But I thought at times we put the ball where it needed to be and did not catch it. I mean, he placed it. And then other times balls were up 50/50, and they were -- may have been a little too far inside, a little short, or times where you've got to go and compete and get it.

So we need more play, not necessarily just out of quarterback but out of receiver play, as well, protection, as well. It's certainly not just all on his shoulders. It's a team.

And so it's the same ball that that opponent threw against us, that's a 50/50 ball, and their guy go up and take it from us. We throw that same ball, we have to go up and have that same type of aggression, that it's my ball or nobody's ball, that if I don't come down with it, nor should he, and we didn't do that. We didn't do that. We didn't catch the ball. We didn't play throw and catch well enough at all as a team, not necessarily just DJ.

Q. This was the lowest attendance that there's been in a game for a UTSA home game. Do you see that as a reflection on the state of the program at this point?
FRANK WILSON: I can't control that. There's nothing I can do about that. All we can do is show up and play for one another, for our university, for our alumni base, and give our best effort, and that's what we're doing right now. We're competing to the best of our ability, and unfortunately right now it's not resulting into the wins that we desire. But I'm not into keeping account of attendance. I'm into developing a program, developing young men to be better on and off the football field.

Q. The lack of rushing game, I know that's got to be frustrating for you. What do you attribute that to?
FRANK WILSON: Inconsistency, you know, whether it's via the inability to get a push from a front or at times when you start building in an RPO zone read world, you relegate yourself to reads that are based on that of a defense. And sometimes those reads are spot on, and sometimes they're not. But I thought Brenden Brady did some really good things today. I thought he was able to slice it in there and move the ball down the field. It's hard to get in a rhythm when you don't get series of plays. When you're three-and-out and have 20 snaps in the first half, it's very difficult to be able to get the plays called that you desire, especially when it's half of that of your opponent.

So I think when you look at it from a holistic run pass ratio, the game unfolds and makes that what it is. So we will have to continue to press upon those things, to block better, to run better, to throw and catch the ball better, the basic fundamentals of football. There's really nothing magical about it, it's just us and our ability of perfecting those things.

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