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November 3, 2018

Justus Parker

Antoine Wesley

Lubbock, Texas

Oklahoma - 51, Texas Tech - 46

Q. You had a big game today, does it feel after a loss as if you appreciate a big game or how do you feel about this type of performance?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really whatever I did on the field, as long as we would get the W, I mean that would mean a lot to me, but today I just felt like I didn't do enough for my team, so yeah.

Q. The offense was clicking there late in the game and you kept it that close.
ANTOINE WESLEY: We did, we went into halftime and we felt like we had it on a roll, so we kind of like kept going with it.

Q. What did you think of Jett and his ability to come in in the second half and still give you guys a lot of chances to win the game?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I think he did an awesome job. Like we always say, the next guy up, just got to make plays and that's what I feel like he did tonight.

Q. You guys kept coming back, but coach mentioned like trying to finish those games. What do you think it's really going to take just that one step if further to go from fighting back in all those games to just getting that one extra and finishing it?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Just doing the little things right. I feel like we did the little things right in practice but didn't do as much in the game.

Q. How do you feel like the defense played throughout the game?
JUSTUS PARKER: I thought we were off and on. I thought there was some good times, but you lose and you let a them get 52 points, it's not a good day for the defense. It's a good offense we were playing, but I think we could have played better.

Q. Against an offense like this can you, do you try to not get bogged down, because you know they're going to score the points they're going to get their yards. Do you just have to put, take each drive as its own or how do you not let yourself look up and say they have got 500 yards and so many points? How do you stay positive?
JUSTUS PARKER: You just got to make them earn every play. You can't give up big shots, you got to do your job. When you're playing a good up tempo team like that it's just about making them earn it every single play, just make them do something that beats us by them earning it.

Q. Obviously they're known for Kyler Murray and their wide receivers but it seemed like their running game got going there especially there late. Is that what you expected? What did you see from the running game?
JUSTUS PARKER: They ran well when they needed to, like you said, but I mean I didn't think it was anything special. We got to be better at getting the offense the ball back there at the end of the game.

Q. Seemed like you guys played well against two of the best receivers in the country, it seemed like you guys did really well. Was the game plan to try to limit those two and make other guys make plays?
JUSTUS PARKER: We didn't really look at it like that. We played Ole Miss receivers, we played Houston receivers, so it's just another day. We just talked game plan and did what we were supposed to, but -- I mean we did a good job holding those guys, but you still lose and you still give up 52 points, so obviously we didn't do something right.

Q. There was a couple of plays there at the end of the game that it to be really big to feel like you guys were in the game. And what did that feel like on the sideline for you guys as a defense?
JUSTUS PARKER: It's exciting, especially for a guy like Vaughnte who has been working his butt off. So just to get those two to start the game off it's ideal, it's what you want as a defense and I was excited for us, the whole team, but I was really excited for Vaughnte as well, he's earned that.

Q. You got two interceptions right off the bat. Does that seem like something you guys can take forward, is that something that can translate to future games?
JUSTUS PARKER: Yeah, of course, it's always a good thing when, in the first quarter, you get two interceptions, especially where the ball was at the time. So it would be nice to start every game off with two interceptions, but I mean we just got to keep coming to work, we got to come back tomorrow and grind our face off and go and beat Texas.

Q. Coach said that the fight's been there. Does it feel like it's different since this is the second time Alan has gone out. Is that fight even more amplified or where do you think that's at with this team?
JUSTUS PARKER: I think Alan's a great quarterback but like Antoine said it's the next man up. If Alan is in there, if Jett's in there, we have a chance to win. But we got to get a stop right there at the end, we can't let them get into the end zone when we know they're going to run the ball.

Q. Talk about the hit there on the tight end at the end.
JUSTUS PARKER: I mean, shoot, they tried to call targeting about every other, every other game on Vaughnte. So I mean that's what he's known for. I mean he loves the game, he plays with a lot of passion, he works really hard I'm just excited about everything that he's doing for us.

Q. In terms of penalties you guys played a lot cleaner. That's got to be a positive for you guys.
JUSTUS PARKER: Definitely, we just preach the little things all week.

Q. How would you compare the caliber of the two quarterbacks you played so far this season?
JUSTUS PARKER: I thought we got off to a good start. Those two interceptions, we haven't had a lot of quarterbacks do that in first half. But he's next level speed. I had a sack easy and he just out ran me around the corner. So I mean we got to play better, especially if we're going against a guy like that. But I didn't think he was anything that we couldn't beat, that we couldn't stop. But props to him. He played a good game. He battled back after those two interceptions.

Q. It's hard to think about next week already. How big will the crowd be next week?
JUSTUS PARKER: You can just feel it, I mean it's tough to come into the Jones and play, especially with a big crowd like that. I'm excited for next week because I know our fans don't like Texas, so they're going to show up and they're going to be loud and just hoping it's another night game because I enjoyed it.

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