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November 3, 2018

Paul Chryst

Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin - 31, Rutgers - 17

PAUL CHRYST: Well, appreciate what the guys did, players did this week and I thought we had a good week of preparation and it was good to get back home and play. And there's a lot of really good efforts and certainly there's some things that we still want to get better at, but it was good to win and it was -- a lot of guys contributed and that always feels good.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Right now the biggest concern is just how is he and certainly took a hit at the end and we knew at halftime when he saw the doctors. And even as the coach you feel like -- we're just trying to get him a little bit in rhythm. And then the penalty and I thought we got a chance for points. And so you hate seeing -- we'll find out where he's at and see on it. And that's what's good about the procedures that are put in place. And certainly we're poised and ready to do whatever we need to for this team and Jack is too. But hopefully we can get Alex back.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: No, it was -- we thought we could get some stuff going in the run game. It wasn't like we just, all right, we're going to run the ball and have one of those big halftime speeches that we're going to do this. Everybody was working and I think it was their first two drives and I think those were two drives in the third quarter and we were able to keep it on the ground and I thought that guys were working up front, backs ran hard. And then he had a couple opportunities and I think overall we were better on third down, but I know the one he was kind of moving a little better, I would like to see what happened on it. That one I didn't feel like we really had a lot to go to. I don't know if we won across the board, but it was good for him to get back in. He took last week personal and it was good for him to come back. You hate it certainly at the expense of Alex, though.

Q. Third quarter really looked like the run defense broke with Rutgers. Is that something in the play calling that you can kind of feel that and just sort of ride that as far as really trying to go from two to three yards to really doing it consistently?
PAUL CHRYST: Guys were on it. The backs were seeing it well. And certainly when you're having success it helps and not that we're necessarily repeating the same runs, but you're able to keep it on the ground and it was, I think like anything there's momentum to the game and that can certainly be it.

Q. Jonathan had another big day today. What has impressed you most about what he's doing and what he can build on everything he did last year and then this year?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I think the most impressive thing to me about JT is he's stayed consistent. Consistent in his approach, consistent in his personality. He's a worker and this team means a ton to him. And I think that that's the -- what I've been most impressed with is just being the same guy and that's -- he's fun to be around.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: I thought we did some really good things. I thought in the first half we were getting to them and we were getting some hits. It's unfortunate we had some opportunities for some takeaways and didn't really take advantage of those. Heck, it was an awesome play on the blocked field goal. I thought a lot of guys contributed and I thought they played really well and it still is -- it's special right now the way our inside linebackers are playing. Those two are flying around and it was great to have Dakota back, it was good to get Isaiah some reps, and a lot of guys are contributing and I thought they played well today. It was fun.

Q. What did you think of Alex in the first half?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, you know it was, I thought there was -- he was really sharp on some things and some third downs. And then the picks, the first pick I thought that the kind of the way it played out was trying to make something that maybe wasn't there. And then on the second pick I thought -- I'm anxious to watch it -- I thought he was late on it. And yet on some third downs and some early throws he was really sharp on and so it was a little bit inconsistent that way, because I thought he was good early in some areas.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I think that certainly there is the -- last week, Jack starts this week, Alex starts and then Jack comes in. That creates that -- I like the way they have approached things and there's going to be kind of a lot of positions that have had that, right? With injuries and whatnot. So that's the biggest concern right now is where Alex is at with his health and then Jack will continue to work and improve.

Q. Could you expand on your play calling with having Dakota back?
PAUL CHRYST: Well having him back he's -- one, it was great for him. And I think everyone felt his energy. And even kind of going along in the week knowing that he had a chance to go, he's one of those guys that brings a lot of energy. And I think guys, they take energy from him and it was good and he -- just to go out and play. Especially when you're a senior, that's a hard deal when you miss time and so it was -- and honestly, I saw him show up on a couple things. I wouldn't necessarily right now want to evaluate how he played, but absolutely feel confident in saying it was great having him out there and -- for him and for our team.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: I think certainly it's something that you're proud of and it's not given to you, you've got to earn it. And as a coach I've always felt grateful for the opportunity, then to have a chance to be with the team you're with for one more opportunity. So I think that it is something worth acknowledging and guys were talking about it and they know what's -- they know how this system works and so you're grateful for that.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah. And that's tricky too because as a receiver who could be a DB, right, does it come your way. But it was good to see him be able to contribute. Early he had, I think we had a naked and he was involved in that, and certainly the touchdown at the end. I think it meant a lot to him and so it was good. But I think it's a little bit hard in the sense that when the ball comes your way what can you do with it and you can't just judge I guess on the numbers.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Oh, yeah, yeah, absolutely. We just got to do better on the run.

Q. (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I was. I thought that you're right, those are big when you get a chance to pin an offense down and I thought Jack Dunn did a couple things with the return and the block was, that was fun. Because that's such an effort play on the block. And then did a nice job I think Dakota got it and got some yardage after it. But it was certainly good to see.

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