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October 20, 2018

Antoine Wesley

Lubbock, Texas

Kansas - 16, Texas Tech - 48

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Antoine Wesley.

Q. (Question about Alan Bowman being back.)
ANTOINE WESLEY: Looked like he never even had an injury, to be honest. He did a good job today.

Q. Do you sense a big difference when T.J. is out there, the way you're covering, the way the offense looks?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yeah. Really I feel like there's a difference when anybody else steps up. When he's out there, it's definitely fun.

Q. (Question about the touchdown pass.)
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yeah, he had great coverage. Definitely Alan Bowman, he made great throws. Luckily God blessed me with a one-handed catch.

Q. What does it do to have a guy like T.J. Vasher back?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Like I said, anybody on the other side, definitely opens up a lot when they're having a good game. Definitely proud of him to be back on the field with me.

Q. When you break down you and T.J.'s celebration dance, it took you ten minutes to finish it.

Q. A little hand jibe action.
ANTOINE WESLEY: This one? I don't know if that's off of Grease or something. We came up with that really fast. We're just trying to have fun what we do. The refs are trying to get after us. It's okay. They're just trying to do their job. Trying to have a little fun.

Q. You improvised that at the moment?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, sir, we did not plan it. Like the next touchdown, whoever scored, we just bust it out real quick (smiling).

Q. When they scored to make it 26-9, you came back, bang, bang, scored in a little over a minute. Was that a concerted effort to answer that?
ANTOINE WESLEY: We just focused on doing the little things right. Once we put those things together, we were unstoppable. I'm proud to see the offense working like that.

Q. What stood out to you most about the offense today?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really just getting our O-line working, making sure they stay up on their toes, doing the right things.

Q. How is it to be in this position this year compared to some of the difficulties y'all were having last year at this time? 5-2, in position to contend for anything in the Big 12.
ANTOINE WESLEY: First of all, I want to thank God for a record like this. I appreciate everything He's done for us. This year our mentality is definitely stronger. We just want to be there, way we want to be in the Big 12.

Q. Do you sense the team gaining confidence each week? Do you sense momentum with your team?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, sir, I do. It starts every day in practice from the beginning to the end.

Q. What do you think about Seth getting his first touchdown today?
ANTOINE WESLEY: We're going to celebrate really good tonight. With the hand, all that.

Q. Get together and watch Grease?
ANTOINE WESLEY: I don't know about that. Might be a little weird, awkward. If it happens, it happens (smiling).

Q. Do you think Kliff knew you were going to be as big a deep threat as you have become this year?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, sir. He has always believed in me since day one. I told him before every game, I have his back, he tells me he has mine, so...

Q. (No microphone.)
ANTOINE WESLEY: Really mine is getting a crack-back. Got it in today for Tre King. I was very excited.

Q. Blocking more so?
ANTOINE WESLEY: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

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